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Brand bay is the focus is on the real ale get you get fined for speaking on your mobile phone there's no jukebox no games machines no TV the whole idea of the prices to carry things in guiding conversations sort of outcomes I save the the tables are built to a high seven when you're sitting in the more standing in the year was on everything rather than having low tide was much easier to watch someone you look at him in the face for gentleman his sitting around this table drinking that bad as why did you come here this call to see the but is this a particular droll as hell to imagine it being in bad condition he could well he knows what is the I should point out that these three because I'm sick man inside I wouldn't of non Yvonne comes at a cost if you can do this you know just by decision to check out the photos it was stay home and there is no gentleman laying purely from actually being able to talk to them yeah where is this other pops up into the house he is never made any contact with anyone that that is because from the point about the because of the business model he is a community any business you know you need to get across the road the quality of the products you're trying to sell and set off a good service in this place hit so within this lots of rooms and things in it mine.

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