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Multi millionaire billionaire guy yeah why not put them on a sleigh in my house big look what i have it'd be like wow you you have way too much money i'd be like yes i do then they're like guess what we're gonna do later we're gonna come rob fred and steal his walking shoes because i'd have i'd have come over and shoot people when they came to my house so it'd be fun that's messed up more to check out online today that little wayne shooting at people as they come in your house is actually bottles too much money oh no can't william the royals step out with the new baby yesterday there's video pictures of that still think that's amazing by the way that like i dunno day later re our not even a day same day three hours after she had a baby she was there our it wasn't it was hours hours after she had a baby she's looking to come flew out i mean even if you consider like it probably took her an hour to get ready with makeup in the dress and all i mean we're talking like mere minutes after having a baby she's out in front of that they looking radiant i was putting makeup on my friend when she was in labor because she wanted to look you in the pictures because she knew we'd be taking pictures during so she i was legit putting on makeup in between her contractions taking pictures during the during during not of her crotch or anything but like hotel the whole process of people do that too i doing the video no you're not allowed to do that anymore because about practice reasons that people used to do it oh crowded oh the terminology i i haven't had any kids that i'm aware of the babies breach you'd better put the camera down what am i going to college rabble rabble let's go and twist also selena gomez shaved her head and everybody's like well not shaved off her head shaved off the back your head fred antsy dot com shaved her head fred angie dot com hair on her head yeah journalistic integrity i head off photos online everyone go look total journalist amazing a woman got revenge on her boyfriend in this way after he shared their sex tape with his friends wait to hear what she did i'll tell you next after break family is is.

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