Vice President, Senate, Congressman Adam Schiff discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


In a hail of bullets and four dead the armed suspects engage the law enforcement open fire there was exchange fire between law enforcement and the suspects and unfortunately the suspects are now deceased but two additional innocent civilians were also deceased the FBI stores pyros those two suspects robbed a jewelry store in coral gables kidnapped a UPS driver hijacked a truck and led police on a chase they're busy rush hour traffic the UPS driver in person and nearby car also killed the governor of Minnesota councils the Christmas tree lighting as the state mourns the deaths of three National Guard soldiers killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crashed Thursday afternoon governor Jim walls as governor and as a citizen of this great state as a veteran of the Minnesota Army National Guard my heart breaks for the families the friends and the fellow soldiers the coming days will be dark and difficult the chopper was on a routine maintenance flight when it crashed shortly after takeoff from Saint cloud no word on the call house speaker Nancy Pelosi gives the green light to draft articles of impeachment and president trump says bring it along and if we allow the president to be about the all we do she so surely at the peril of Irish pub in America no one is above the law X. it's a big fan of the president threatening to drag the speaker former vice president Joe Biden and congressman Adam Schiff to the Senate trial as witnesses and stocks recover from all morning slide as investors shrug off trade concerns the dell gained twenty eight points the nasdaq and the S. and P. five hundred.

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