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Did to my son. To Darius bean Demetrius Haley, Emmett Martin the third Desmond mills junior and Justin Smith all terminated by the Memphis police department January 21st. Congresswoman Angie Craig is released audio of threats to her, saying they came after she was attacked last week in the elevator of her D.C. apartment. The House member from Minnesota blames gutter politics and called out Fox News host jeanine pirro and House Republican officials who she says distorted her record on police funding since the attack. The calls received contained lewd and graphic suggestions that she had deserved to be attacked. Never mind the well publicized delays and cancellations, airlines are doing terrific business as we hear from Bloomberg's irv Chapman. Tickets cost more and more people are paying for upgrades, helene Becker, airline analyst at the firm Cowen, said in a Bloomberg interview. Demand, very, very strong supply is limited. Not only airframe delays from Boeing and Airbus, but you have engine delays, you have parts that were turning around in 48 hours or taking weeks now and you have very strong pricing and fuel costs have come up there high. Background is that the number of pilots in training is far less than the number reaching retirement age. In Washington of Chapman Bloomberg radio. New York, Leslie lado Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg radio on demand and in your podcast deed. On the latest edition of the tape podcast, a conversation with Omar Aguilar at Schwab asset management. What do you do at Schwab asset management about the sort of newer or alternative asset classes that retail investors are just starting to dip their toes into? I mean, how do you deal with these things at Schwab? These happens all the time, and we have had significant amount of interest. And this happens in many cases. You may recall, not too long ago, the discussion about meme stocks and what people can use that information to invest. And how they can use several information is the good news is that we attract a lot of investors to start being interested in investing. I think our challenge and our goal and mission continues to be to educate clients on how to think about the long-term. And what to think about the way to invest from the basic level of what are the fundamentals of what you try to achieve a financially and investment wise for each one of your goals. Areas like, for example, digital assets, any type of related information that is more supply and demand that there is little in terms of fundamental, there is little in terms of history. They tend to just be an option for clients to start getting their interest in investing, but not as a Sally to form the core of their long-term strategy. We tend to just continue to educate clients to say, well, you know, the basic asset classes, the basic areas of investing for the long run, as of today, still consist on the basic cash fixed income equities. And yes, there will be other alternatives that are based on fundamentals that could actually

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