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Michael Kimmel, and I have been friends I believe since kindergarten. He is a big time writer theater director lives in New York City. He's like big big time. And somehow I was able to convince him to watch Lindsay Lohan speech club, which airs Tuesdays at eight pm eastern time on MTV. Michael welcome to the show again. I'm so happy to be back. And I have to tell you. I secretly want to talk of nothing else. But Lindsay Lohan all the time. But I let me touch on your brother. Jimmy. Did you tell him that? I spoke about my crush on him when I was a child. I kid I did he turned the the red and laugh and then uncomfortably walked away. So good. I don't I don't know who I loved more Jimmy or your system. Orissa Orissa is superstar casting and a real ball. Buster you mentioned to me that there. There's a quality about Lindsay Lohan that does remind you of Marissa can you elaborate? Yet, Lindsay Lohan, and my sister, you can't tell if they're in their late thirty or there early sixties. Do we know how old she is? I think she thirty two. She's thirty two years old. She looks like somebody who has had eight children and lived in a shed with a Yuna bomber for like a good six months. She dresses like one of the one of the grandmothers. He never quite made it, but sort of relive their like the early days in the attic. Yes. I would like these like loss dresses, and I feel like she should have a cigarette holder, and she's always worked sunglasses like, it's it's very very odd. So Lindsay Lohan actress singer entrepreneur, let's use that term lightly. She's expanding her business empire as they say. I'm not really sure what this empire is with the launch of low hand beach house in economics, Greece. Apparently, she had some other club in Athens. The talk about that a lot in the club from what I understand from the Paris Hilton world is that they'll slap the name of a celebrity on a club for cachet. But it's not like they're actually giving a financial investment. So I would like to see some of the financials on this before we call this like an empire. And also it's a little telling that Lindsay Lohan had to go all the way to Greece to like Brando her empire. It's not like she's opening a club in Vegas or in LA. Now, it says the exclusive seaside destination serves as the backdrop as Lindsay manages eight American mbassador hired just to staff club and restaurant. She's a no nonsense boss and needs her team to come together to bring her vision to life her vision. Okay. Well, all right. So she's got this creative business partner partner named panels. And then she hired a bunch of Americans and their party promoters, bartenders hosts and waitresses they're like VIP hose. How familiar are you with the club life and these bottle service situations? I have in my younger days. I definitely went to one or two clubs in New York City. But they didn't I don't think it was the culture that it is now. And also, it all it was always that thing of like when you went to a place with bottle service for me with always like somebody's trying to convince you to spend four thousand dollars on a bottle of that salute. That never seemed like. That never seems like a like they had much consideration for my collagen when they would try and do that. And then they'll give you like containers of cranberry, juice and orange juice. And it's like, we'll isn't this like cutting you out of the equation..

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