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Women architecturally the bones are. Different. The pelvis of a female athlete is going to be wider. And because of that it puts more tension on the muscles that guide the kneecap. So a lot of times we can balance or get that kneecap to track a little more than two the middle by strengthening the right muscle groups. So it can be very painful, we see athletes sometimes there are exercises that can resolve it. Sometimes there's taping that a good physical therapist can teach an athlete to do that will help track the patella cited over a little bit. And then if it's really not helping there are injections, we can do because if the underside of the patella bruised, or there's some type of inflammation, sometimes a little injection can help make that go down. And I think in the gash see I know we try to avoid surgeries. But in the worst case scenario, there are surgeries that they can do to try and release that. But you know, my whole thing is that if you're gonna go to the operating room, it's gotta be last resort because you never know how things turn out. But there are a lot of non surgical options for pain from things like Patel ephemeral syndrome. Right. Yeah. And you know, one of the things I like to also talk about you. Because sometimes when you you send someone to physical therapy for this. They started in they get the taping. The the originally they'll start to say, well, wait, I'm trying to understand this. And I again, I'm a visual person. I like to describe when people look down at their leg. I say, you know, most people heard the name quadriceps quadriceps means four, and there are four bellies or four different muscles that are coming across could verge, and you know, sometimes over time to we'll get part of that quadricep muscle. We get a little more stronger than the other side and you'll get a little bit of the tracking change that's happening for multiple conditions. A lot of times it's prior injuries. It's an injury on the opposite side. And so you're going to get a good physical therapist is going to be able to identify that. And then start taking through a longer term process of getting all those muscles to work together and balancing in sync. So that so that your. You're kind of walking equally and straight on both sides. Because that's the other issue is both sides have to work in in unison. There has to be a relationship with them because you're like a lot of times, you'll get a hip injury or something or low back injury on one side. And then next thing, you know, you're starting to get the knee on the non injured side hurting you because you're walking differently. So a lot of times it does take a little longer to do to get this together. But that's where good physical therapist will help create the balance. So here we have a couple we got. So I guess we're on a shy caller day today. So I have to to callers off air that I want to answer some some questions and the first one is relating to what we're talking about. And the caller wanted to know what are the best exercises for a knee. And I think I'm gonna go ahead. And and try to answer that one which is it depends on what's causing the problems. So it's really hard to tell someone what is the best exercise because as this show is covering today, and we'll continue to cover. There can be things that are very complex and dealing with tears or or things that are wearing down versus patellar ephemeral. We just described as exactly what the right types of exercises will be something to will cause you to to get better. So I think that for that caller. I would say in all the other listeners get into get check. Because that's what today's show is about. It's so broad pain is the symptom you have, but the cause and the treatment can be very very very different that having been said, though, I think that we've all heard about you know, and football season's here. Right. So we've all heard about NFL players getting ACL tears ACL ligament. That stabilizes a need keeps your thighbone from sliding forward on top. Of your shinbone, and ligaments like a thick band. And actually it turns out your hamstrings. The muscles on the backyard thi- are a stabiliser the knee and even elite level college division. One athletes can help avoid surgery for that ACL ligament by keeping their hamstring strong. So in arthritis, you know, by doing certain exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscle. You're talking about muscle groups in the front of the high as well as in the back of the fight with low impact. Cardiovascular like bicycle bicycle but doing the right type of pedal stroke to strengthen your quadriceps and your hamstrings. So it's a great question that are Shaikh are shy. Caller had posed there. What are the specific exercises? But again, it depends. It really depends on the type of injury. What the what's what the source of the pain is I think it just goes back to like we said exercises medicine. There is a specificity this frequency, and there's an intensity and duration is just like any other type of medication your doctor would prescribe great a toll totally agree. Five to one eight three. Eight three is the number phone lines are opening came going to go to the next shy. Caller, which actually is a follow up to Gary call. The question is are there plans to open a Hilo office? And I would say that the answer is. Yes already have looked and and started to evaluate so. Yeah, we'll we'll keep. Up to David. But the plan is that yes, we know the big island is really really challenged for just overall general physician shortage in some of the services were offering we've been asked for numerous different sources from the insurers to different physicians who are actually they're saying come and help. And you know, so we are we are definitely evaluating that at this point. But thanks for that call five to one eight three eight three is a number. And it looks like a perfect time where we're going to go ahead and take a.

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