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Taping practices and all those things s I think it's highly unlikely not because I don't think he And win. Multiple super solid shooting, and when multiple suits who both by Sunday but 345 Six is a big number in the fact that Brady got to six is just amazing. I don't know A Patrick Mom's. The other thing that my homes is gonna have going for him is and I think He's a really dedicated football player. Tom Brady is unworldly the kind of physical shape that he's kept himself in. How dedicated he's been. Not that Patrick Mahomes is going to short change anything, but he may get the age 35 say. I've got three rings. I've got a half a billion dollars in the bank. I've got some injury issues affected. Brady has been heard so infrequently during his career. We don't know if the same is going to be a mom's. It might be, but or my home could have more frequent injuries and or one major, career threatening injury. The longevity is the thing that I just don't know that he's going to be able to do. The same is Brady Do? I think he can play at the level of Tom Brady has, which is the greatest of all time? I do. I think he's that talented. He is that good. He's got skills that Brady has never had and will never have, and you go back and the highest point of Brady's career. And I'll tell you, my homes could do things that Brady couldn't be. Oh, so it's not about skill. It's about doing it for two decades, keeping franchise in place. I don't think Andy Reid is going to be the coach of cancer and Keith for the next 18 years. If you want to get close to what Brady through honored 16 years, even I don't think and he's going down that road. So what could be very difficult for the Chiefs? And Patrick Mahomes to accomplish what Brady and the Patriots dead because it took us long as dead. I quickly time out. Come back. I'll get calls between now and he ended show 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 bottom. Er, CBS Sports update time May the Schwartz be with you? See me? Yes. Sports flag. All right. Joanie. Major League Baseball is reportedly submitted a proposal to the Players Association to delay the start of the 2021 season, according to ESPN of the union. Is not providing counter offer by early next week. Spring training is likely to start in mid February. Now to the NBA in the fourth quarter, six years on top of the Pacers. 1 15 1 10. Third quarter calves 64 T Wolves, 60 Finals. The Wizards beat the Nets 1 47 1 46 Raptors Over the magic 1 15 102, the Clippers beat the Knicks won 29 1 15 Kawai Leonard 28 points. The Nuggets top the Jazz won 28 1 17 Nikola Yokich with 47 points, 12 boards and five assists. Celtics announcing that guard Marcus Smart has a great one strain off his left calf. He'll be out 2 to 3 weeks now to college basketball number. 13, Ohio State over Michigan State 79. The 62 EJ Liddell 20 points, eight boards. There were six Houston over S m u 72 48. Marcus Sasser scored 19 points for the Cougars. Now to the NHL. They're playing overtime. Islanders and flyers are tied at three. Second period. The avalanche in the wild are tied it to the Blues lead the Ducks to one in the second. And in the first it's the Oilers on top of the Senators, 2 to 1. Final scores. Blackhawks Beat the Blue Jackets 3 to 1 Panthers Nip the Red Wings 32. It was the devil's Over the sabers, 5 to 3, and in a shoot out, it was the Hurricanes four. Stars. Three We close with golf patch agreed. When the farmers insurance open, he finished 14 under five shots better than Tony Fee. Now Henrik nor land or Ryan Palmer's Intershop flee. And Victor Hovland I, Peter Schwartz. It's Super Bowl week. It has always taken.

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