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Tom foti and Washington following shooting incidents at knocked out power to an North Carolina county for days, CBS is Nicole scang and now reports. An individual opened fire at a Duke Energy facility in ridgeway, South Carolina, Wednesday, according to multiple sources, the individual pulled up in a truck before opening fire using what appeared to be a long gun. Several Duke Energy employees witnessed the event no one was injured. The shooting comes just days after a widespread power outage in more county, North Carolina prompted by a deliberate attack in which gunfire damaged two substations. The energy now reports power has been restored there in North Carolina. In Moscow, Idaho police are looking for a specific car in their investigation of that quadruple murder of students at the university of Idaho. It's a white 2011 to 2013 Hyundai elantra, police say the license plate is not known right now, but still this is a significant step in the investigation. As investigators have yet to release any information about a suspect or suspects and this is potentially the first significant piece of evidence they've released publicly so far in their effort to solve this case. K REM TV reporter Mark Hannah Rohan, more government document smart classified have been found in Florida. A U.S. official confirms to CBS News representatives of former president Donald Trump alerted the FBI, they've recovered yet another set of potentially sensitive documents. This time in a storage facility in West Palm Beach, that is correspondent Scott McFarland, some driving news from triple-A this morning. It's average price for a gallon of regular gas is now three 33, that's about a

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