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Right now. What's the name of your new special? The sale? You've got Tricia ready for anything package on sale Now, For the month of September. It's a two month supply of the college and am two months of the college in PM You're building lean muscle both morning and night. Two months of the delay to help target the tummy area. And of course, Chris, we have to have two bottles of the immune support to help strengthen our immune system. I use that every morning. By the way, I feel fit as a fiddle. Look called Tricia at 1888 94 tummy or you Go take a look at all the great stuff at sleepaway fat dot com. Call Tricia asked Or any of your questions. 1888 94 tummy sleepaway fat dot com I don't want you to forgive. They're doing a show tomorrow night from three different locations. Randall, a pre Ryman Auditorium and the infamous Bluebird Cafe, which I tried to get into once when I was in Nashville. They opened, like Get six o'clock in the evening, and we drove up to get in line like a 10 A.m.. The line was three miles for no way eight hours before it even opened. Keith Urban is your host, by the way. They handed out Summerlee awards. And additional details about who will be performing tomorrow. Let's start with the trophies. Video of the year winner is Thomas Rhett. Remember you young? He could have a big night. He's also a frame take entertainer of the year Male Artist of the Year album of the year. Thie vocal event of the Year is L King Kaylie Hammock to Neil Towns Ashley McBride, Maren Morris and Miranda Lambert. Good.

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