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All right Dan Orlovsky looking glass half empty. But these guys have a major transition coming out. And everybody's got a flaw in their game. Let's look at what they're going to have to work on. And we'll start with Joe Borough. I mean we're going to nitpick here with Joe Borough big time right. Try to find something. I'd say this if you were going to say one thing that he does not do. Incredibly wealth is arm strength and so the reality of the NFL is the windows that you throw into smaller. And they closed quicker and so. How quickly does he adjusted? And then Greg touchdown this with you know throwing some guys that were covered open. We don't see that often the NFL. Not often you throw in four or five balls that are kind of opportunity balls downfield and guys are going to make every single one so how quickly it just to the windows and then how quickly he just trusting some guys in the NFL? That can do that because some guys you see. You cannot trust to do that and so that's going to be. I don't want to call it. A flaw that his biggest kind of growth. For to know thyself. You know to so many incredible treats and oftentimes those traits lead him to play a little bit too much like Russell Wilson. He needs to be more like drew. Brees where it's understanding listened scrambling not your strength. Running around is not your strength. Your strengths getting through progressions and getting the ball your hands. That will keep you safe. That's going to be the biggest growth for him just in her. I think we're now that the chargers have him daime to unlock and aggressive mindset for Justin. Herbert he needs to believe that he is the offense that he's the superhero of that offense. Not that he's just the quarterback so they've got to get him to be aggressive kind of trust the physical talents and physical traits that he has and believe in his mind. Make any throw and just be aggressive with the football and and and believe that you can throw people open and make the perfect throat. Because he's got so much talent but he's got to believe in himself a little bit more in his talent. Nfl Jordan love. Don't assume you know a lot of times. Quarterbacks get told. Don't predetermine where you're going to throw. The football. Never believed in that. You need to know where you're going to throw the football. Don't assume who you're going to throw the football too. And he would kind of lose his eyes because he would stare at one way and assume it was gonNA move certain defenders and come back in. Just throw the ball blindly right to linebackers and underneath coverage or safeties under underneath garbage. So he's got to get to a point where he listens to his feet more in place reactionary with his is rather than just assuming things going on with the defense so they all have their own flaws. They all have their own challenges to the coaching staff. That they're going to go to. And the biggest thing is how quickly those guys can minimize those flaws and maximize those strengths. All Listen Gregg Dan and got to weigh in on this earlier. But you weren't with us so I'd be curious what you thought about the decision by the packers to draft your love in the first place Jordan love. I couldn't be happier. I get a couple of years to just sit back and watch one of the best to ever do it right in front of me learning from him and tried to adopt some of the things that he's done into my game and frankly when you look at Jordan love guys have his highest ceiling as any quarterback in this draft as far as just raw horse power. He can throw it down the field. You can fit in tight windows. He's a better athlete than you realize. When he's out and about in the pocket however connell acquit. Dan Just alluded to when his feet are not underneath them and when he predetermined where he's going to throw the football and the coverage dictates otherwise he's an absolute disaster. The Guy has to understand. That are progressions and you need to go from one to two to three and allow your feet to talk to you. But when his feet are planted and they're stable and they're setting and he's decisive he might be the most impressive amongst all the quarterbacks in the NFL draft. Every quarterback has those head scratching interceptions. One that we all know you watch it and go. As soon as it left his hands he wanted that one back. We all know it and everyone has them even the great ones have them but the reality is that when you watched or there's just too many on them and I think that's why I would be a little bit concerned about how this plays out in Green Bay. One of the things really the best way to get better is to actually play. And if you just look at the next two seasons unless Green Bay just decides that they're going to trade Aaron Rodgers after this year which there'd be a massive cap hit with that. I don't know how you really know Jordan. Love is improving on some of the mistakes that he made a Utah State against really at all times. Low caliber you know opponents so I think that the adjustment while it can be a good thing to learn behind a great at the same time. You need to be out there in around. Live bullets the figure out and make some mistakes to to improve. I think that's going to be a challenge for them to my agree with that the reason why I do really like the fit though with Matt. Leflore in this offense is this. Offense is so predicated on in Greg. Used this phrase your feet tell you where to throw the football in talking about getting through progressions so often he would just like all right. That is going to be open and throw it and the offense to the packers are going to run his colleague. Shanahan Mike Shannon and Gary Kubiak offense where Jordan love is going to have those bad habits. Kinda stripped down and he will learn how to play quarterback really from the ground up rather than top down and so he'll trust his feet to tell him where he throws the ball and to Greg's point if he gets there that physical talent is so unique. Mike Tannenbaum joins us for the first time this afternoon and like pay when you think about Jalen hurts and you think about a good productive fit who stands out for me. It's easy. It's the Baltimore Ravens. He reminds me of a player that works. And I had in Brad Smith. Because he's so dangerous with the ball in his hands he could run it and he can throw it. He had thirty two touchdowns last year. People will remember at Oklahoma though. He also had twenty rushing touchdowns. Could you imagine the amount of pressure that Baltimore offense can put on opposing defenses? If he's in the backfield with Lamar Jackson in terms of two players who can run it and throw it. I think has a good skill set in terms of good foundation. He has to improve his downfield. Accuracy is accuracy overall. This year was pretty good at sixty nine point seven percent but my concerns or gain the ball down the field but Baltimore would be a great place for him to start his career. Mike you mentioned Brad Smith. It's funny because Brad Smith would have been coming out of college right now. He would have been a quarterback and not a receiver so to me. It's a that's an interesting comparison right there but I look at this guy. One thing we know about him. He is a winner. An absolute winner two-time SEC offensive player of the year. If I if I recall but when I look at them I think New England is a perfect spied. Look saving goes back that history with a ballot check and there's no reason why this guy can't get it done. Obviously he's GonNa do it a little differently his his his legs or a huge weapon and it would look different. But I don't want that he's a winner and I wouldn't be surprised if bill bell checks in the same way I am and he goes out and he drafts this young man. I'd see it at says. Seattle guys and it's because right now when you look at the backup quarterback situation for the seahawks it's a little grim and frankly Russell Wilson's been absolutely incredible staying healthy throughout the course of his career. But you put Jalen hurts is in a situation like that where he can learn from excellent quarterback in his own right and develop over. The course of time keeps them in the second round guys. I don't see it. I mean I don't see him contributing right away because frankly you mentioned him being more like Brad Smith. I see a more being Tim tebow winner. Yes absolutely physical absolutely very hard worker very strong very diligent unbelievable intangibles. All of those things are true but there's also very sporadic with his feet. His accuracy is very inconsistent and has ball and timing with the way he anticipates throws isn't always there so I think Jalen hurts is a long-term project that needs to be figured out and kind of learn under a great pro like Russell Wilson out in Seattle where it can be exclusively backup to add to add is. It's the action that the teach sets the floor and the character system ceiling. This Guy Los Appall. He's a great competitor as REX. Lou and I agreed. His game is far from complete. But it's a really good base to start with very productive at two different programs. He gets around the right coaching staff and if they could clean up this accuracy issue. You could hit big later on the strath with somebody like Jalen. Now Louis Riddick. Here Jim Nagy is here. We got a full house. Let's let's talk about winners from last night. Round one winners Mel. I'll start with YOU MINNESOTA. Vikings I think. Rick.

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