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Brought to you by cap at credit union a fivehour standoff between cue to police in an armed man sitting at a car in the hawks nest neighborhood ended with the self in flicked a gunshot wound paramedics were waiting nearby they began treatment immediately following that selfinflicted gunshot wound took command to a local hospital for treatment initial reports indicate that the injury is not lifethreatening cue to police began that investigation just after 230 yesterday afternoon there was a call about a protection order violation the man who was holding a gun walked up to the black hawk drive home of a woman who had the order against him the woman didn't answered the door she called nine one word in reported to police what was going on at that point the man went back to his car was parked out on the street and he sat there he refused to get out of the car when cute a police arrived a few minutes later told the officers he was either going to shoot himself where he was going to walk free well ada county dispatchers issued a code red message to the neighborhood shortly after three o'clock informing them what was going on and asking everyone to stay inside their homes the standoff ending around seven thirty last night now at this point no charges have been filed the suspect is also not yet been identified more on that when it's available meanwhile in idaho woman who was severely injured after a dog attack in black foot the black that police department says officers were called out to a home on monday for a report of a dog attacking a woman the victim was found lying face down in her backyard bleating with multiple dog bites she was being circled by three dogs hearing for the woman's safety police shot and killed one of the dogs the remaining two ran back to their own backyard kboi two tv reports the woman in was taken to the hospital and the owner of the dogs turn them over to investigators more information is withheld pending the investigation tyler martin six seventy kboi following up on another story we've been keeping an eye on two of the five people who were hospitalized after a crash on monday near home dale have now been released from the hospital the driver of a honda civic attempted to cross incoming traffic to get to a driveway was.

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