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They take to the streets and protest against basically that they need more public transportation. They need safety and for the safety of women and yeah basically. It's like a I take back the night kind of thing like you can't just fuck them. Leave us out here you astles. I'm putting words into those students mouths but I thought I'm pretty accurate One of those protesters is twenty one year old. UCSB ESPN Student Patricia. Laney so Patricia is a talented actress. She's a juggler. She loves juggling and she's also an activist especially see for women's issues so on January. Eighteenth one thousand nine hundred seventy seven patty decides to go out and distribute missing person fliers for Jacqueline Rook and Maryanne. Sarah and she walks all the way across town passing out these fliers. And when she's done she waits for her friend pick her up at the intersection Of hollister and Patterson. I don't like but her friend runs late and by the time they get to that intersection patties gone. And it's the exact same intersection where Marianne Sarah's went missing less than twenty four hours later a police officer. Patrolling secluded looted road in a Review Canyon comes upon the nude body of a woman who's been shot in the head with a small caliber gun. Her clothing and backpack are found less than a mile away and identikit identification confirms that it is the body of Patty Laney and the discovery of this body of courses devastating stating to the entire community but it also gives investigators their first clues. The road is not well known. And it's pretty remote area so that that indicates that this killer must be familiar with the area and might be a local. They also find paper towels near Patty's body that are later identified fight to be restaurant quality restaurants players and PATTIES blood as well as some latent fingerprints are found on those paper. Towels those latent fingerprints don't match any in the system that they have but they file all the evidence for future testing and then they go back to that Canyon and they scour the area for more clues because now they have something to go on. They're going for anything. And this is one further up the same road that Patty was found on the police. Discover the body of Jacqueline row on the same road. She's she's been shot twice in the head head and her clothing was also missing four months later on May twenty second one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. Marianne Sarah's body is finally found in Drum canyon which is north of Santa Barbara. And she's also been shot in the head and found nude so one night in February nineteen seventy seven which is about a month. After after the discovery of Patty and Mary's bodies twenty year old floor Christianson picks up his buddy guy mailer to hang out and the to grab some booze a liquor restoring the leader and then they go off to the side of a freeway. A cliff that overlooks the ocean. which was like the cool spot to get high? You all know it. We've been there this weekend. Let's go to the cliff. So they're sitting in thors car and guys rolling joint ain't and doesn't realize he has foot on the brake so the brake lights attract the attention of a patrolling cop. That's been nearby. So the the COP sees the booze sees the weed. He confiscates them for official use and then he tells me to write them a ticket he asked ask store to openness trunk and thor refuses and thors friend guy is like the fucking. You're doing just open your trunk. You astle so oh. Thor complies and in the trunk the officer discovers a twenty two caliber pistol wrapped in a paper bag but when he questions about it he states states that he brought the gun in case him and guy decided to go to the creek to shoot rabbits. That first thing you do in your high kill animals guy who has never known to be outdoorsy or hunter type or hate rabbits or hate rabbits. None of that's ever come up. He is looking at what the Vecsey talking knocking about but it was a rural area and it wasn't uncommon for people to have handguns in their car for hunting so the COP buys the story sites them for a possession and goes on his way for has no record and this near Miss keeps his fingerprints out of the system or years. Now let's talk about good old for the weirdness. Christianson is born in Denmark on December twenty eighth nineteen fifty seven in nineteen sixty two his parents emigrate emigrate to the US. Doors five years old and the end up moving to solving. They're from Denmark. So they're like A. We have to go to that Taurus town. We live there. This is where this is where we're want and this is where people are well and the father was open. A restaurant there that actually became very popular so it it was the right move. Th Or is a bright kid but he has random outbursts of meanness and strange behaviour towards his friends. Uh when he's in sixth or seventh grade his friend Ron Bender notices thors developing tendency to step on and kill small animals for fun on. Eventually it escalates. He starts capturing birds and frogs and tying firecrackers to them down and letting them go to just to watch them Explo- so but no no one back then people are like eared. I heard the cute boy. No one's worried about it. In the least also thors father is a terrible alcoholic who abuses uses him. Sore start streaking when he's about twelve years old Fuck will you get uber fucked up when you're twelve and of course that it almost immediately leads to drug use and really a a large weight gain for earth or he ends up gaining lake almost one hundred pounds and he also doesn't do well with girls which it's you the creek. Obviously he's very troubled and there's a lot of anger and there's a lot of issues and despite the abuse from his father's also kind of this conflicting thing in our family. His parents are rich because they're successful restaurant. So what they do is they buy an Audi when he turns sixteen they leave him home alone constantly they just leave piles of cash there for them while they're at the restaurant So he takes the cash and he buys cools the great menthol all cigarette and fifths of Scotch that he drinks and sips like before school. Holy Shit he's going for it my God okay and then he an up into like in into her early high school gets good grades. He's a smart kid. But then his grades plummet and eventually drops out and gets a job as a gas station attendant So after this encounter that he and his friend guy have with that cop that night mhm thor moves to Oregon. You know just for fun So during this time the hitch hiker kidnappings things and murders stop entirely and then when he returns he gets himself an apartment and KALITA and he's lost a bunch of weight you know. He got himself together in Oregon and any even gets a girlfriend who he met while she was hitchhiking. Oh but as close friends noticed that he now has a keen interest in keeping his car clean particularly his trunk which they all notice and think a super weird and also noticed that he starts making regular trips down to Los Angeles and then coming back and bragging about the awesome sexy had with sex workers while he he was there and they're all just like cool dude on so that it is his new. That's apparently his new thing. Okay so on May Twenty Six thousand nine hundred ninety nine. The body of twenty two year old Laura Sue. Benjamin who's a sex worker from Los Angeles is found in the San Gabriel mountains just north of La and she like the other woman in the Isla Vista an Los Angeles Attacks has been shot in the head on July eleventh. Nineteen seventy-nine Nine Linear Preston. So this is our survivor from the beginning of the story. She's in a bar called the bottom line in Hollywood. Have you heard I think. AIM CACTUS CINCO. What was it? So Lydia's in this bar. It's been it's been three months since her attack doc and she's you know obviously just trying to live a normal life and then to her horror she standing there and she turns around and she sees the man in the head walk into the bar. What in the her attacker? Thor Christianson Shit. So she's he's just like not today motherfucker not then and not now she can walk straight to.

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