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Four in comic writer in emporia. I like orien- but i think the real value lies with create incited one. Very i think this bicycle and five rounds worry. I'm gonna take the reduce there with a plausible thirty. Get a little crazy thing. Another lie the best bet because of the one play but it plus four fifty. I think there's great value in ryan hall by the. He's fighting very well. Not at all right hall is the most difficult fighter in the us to prepare for that area. Possibly going to grab where they can do. The things right all can do. I think there's great value ryan hall by the mission and that are the best bets for you for this. Nba finals inspired dream preview. Podcast edition but that's not all okay. Disclaimer that is all that may very well be all you want to listen to all the best handicappers you know in love have given their two cents have thrown in their best bets for this week but wait. There's more if you choose to continue listening. thank you. try not to disappoint all right so spencer. The great spencer. The wiz ostrovsky's is with me. He made a very interesting point. He thinks that not only should. The tokyo olympics be played but the olympic should never be played again. Yes they should be banned. I used to be a fan of the olympics curious. Why should they be banned. I i do love the olympics. I think it's an incredible spectacle but if you look at the context of the olympics in general more specifically i can only give a few examples here but are gymnastics team. I mean that's scandal. Went on for i mean years and years like is entire career and we were talking about the ncaa talk about bureaucracy. Protecting an evil man and evil lacked the usa. Olympic committee has to be accountable for that and it goes much further. I mean in the rio games. All the stadiums were built illegally for line and they've been abandoned since so what. The olympics tries to do is showcase this city whatever city. It's in as this beautiful place. Where all these people are being taken care of. We know in brazil. It was probably the worst. It's ever been where you see this nice little picture of rio but literally right outside. The camera shot. People are suffering. Olympic athletes from brazil suffered immediately following. There's been some incredible stories. I read online about it. So i don't know if this human suffering and the greed that goes on behind the olympics is worth it now the only part or problem i should say is that you know. These people are trained the entire life for it and they're technically not being paid they can get sponsorships. The biggest ones do but in general it's been supported through their love and passion for that sport. So i would hate to take something like that away but i think as the time for the time being as it is now. It's not worth the suffering that people do just have the olympics and the real was a special case. I got lucky enough to study abroad in real a few years earlier. In twenty twenty. Ten in twenty eleven. And it's about the country. They hide their poverty. You take a bus. It literally goes two miles out the way to go around ghetto. What they call avella. So the fact that the olympics had that same kind of dynamic where they're putting billions and billions of dollars out of the government pockets to prop up the tourism factor of their city at the expense of their people. Unfortunately that's not a surprise to me. When it comes to rio and japan you hearing a lot of the same things that people are. There's a covert emergency that people now are not able to go to the events. So how much are you really benefiting benefiting your people versus just only the higher ups that get to build two billion dollar stadiums and hand out those contracts. But you know we're a betting show you know that we would not bring up the olympics without an angle of vegas angle to make you a couple of bucks. Check this out very good research by spencer here. According to five thirty eight the average home team gets a bump more than expected of plus twenty medals so japan this year. They're expecting x. They're supposed to x. Plus twenty because they're the host country a few benefits naturally go with that. Obviously the home crowd the home cooking but also they get. Correct me if i'm wrong on this. They get a free Candidate almost every in every sport. They do yeah so they get an extra swimmer. They everything they will be represented in every event. However look at japan's over under it's fifty three and a half metals. That's a bump of about thirteen medals higher than it was in the last olympics. Will the bump is supposed to be twenty. The bump is only thirteen. maybe the value to the over. I disagree. Here's why. I think that home crowd in all sports. I've mentioned this. Many times is less of a factor. Home cooking is less of a factor when like you said they spend millions of dollars their whole lives training to be at their peak performance in any given condition in every country. The better that technology that science those skills are the less of advantages is to be to sleep in your bed plain simple. We look at brazil. We just mentioned two thousand sixteen. They only got a bump of plus two medals despite all that home cooking. Japan is supposed to get a bump of thirteen. Remember no home fans. I'm not an olympic expert. I haven't looked into the handicapping aspect of each side but my gut instinct pizza bet japan under fifty three and a half metals a laid out the logic. But i'm not sure if it's accurate. What do you think spence. I agree with you with no fans. I mean you're looking at a completely different games. I mean fans drive. So many of these sports it just depends. I guess it depends on them. I think they will have an increased amount of medals to a certain extent. I mean i don't think there's i think there's only been two negatives in the list that i saw but for the most part i wouldn't say that japan has a massive advantage anymore. I think they've been over calculated. For how many more will get glad. We're in agreement all right. That was a dream preview. Podcast spencer thanks for being part of it. Anything you'd like to add as we wrap up. I just wanted to quickly quickly say about the end of the the tokyo olympics is. I really do feel bad for the japanese people who are still recovering from a few disasters that they've had so who while only fifteen percent of their people in unvaccinated on top of the financial issues. They're just gonna pop the olympic games right in the middle and basically just shield the actual japanese population so they can so coca cola can get their sponsorship money and whoever else there is out there so if you wanna watch the final commercialization of human suffering in the twenty first century check it out july twenty third the tokyo olympic start. We'll cover it or maybe we won't. I'm not sure check next.

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