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Way. Continue again for both of this talk radio and Facebook live One more segment to go just about eight minutes or so. So, tiger back to our conversation. And John has more ideas as we talk about trees. Yes. So I was mentioning the photo carpets and you know you find a variety of tree. Um, that you can sometimes find other variety cultivars that get to the height that you want. Now, The one thing that you know, Brian, you were saying is maybe invest in something a little bit more established. If you're going for something shorter, they usually take longer. And so, yeah, that you might have to invest in a 24 inch ball. You pay a little more to get it, get it that you want us all you want because you go in the nursery. You're gonna look it's gonna be sure. And so, Yeah, so well, First of all, she wants to block her neighbors for you into her bedroom. So I would definitely get shades or drapes or something first, because you're gonna need Time time plant to grow. And if you want your privacy, But Tiger what do you think about this idea for a second story rather than going with traditional hedge or, you know, shrub? What about a small tree? Like saying a goddess fluctuates. So that would definitely block out the second story, and you're only looking at what about 15 Ft. 18 ft. Max and they grow pretty quick and they grow pretty quick and, you know, unfortunately, there's not a lot of plants that will say grow to 10 ft. And stop fast, really fast and then stuff But something like the A goddess is, uh, It's the common names of peppermint tree because the leaves when you crush him smell like peppermint, so I would look into that, and that's something you can get it most garden centers, right. I don't know if you guys carrying but no, it's a very common. You can't get it in most garden centers, and they even have one called after dark, which is a burgundy forces. Which Lord I wouldn't recommend that one for her situation because it would Take forever and they tend to be a little bit more sparse, grown that after dark, but you know is you mentioned if you have the whip if you have the width and you don't need the hedge style where it's narrow, you know, there are a lot of wonderful, you know. Shorter trees. I mean, you even we know we were talking about red, but earlier that one loses its leaves in the wintertime, which maybe not be a great privacy. True, But there are other shorter trees like that. That are evergreen. You know, Magnolia, little Jim Magnolia, You know, great evergreen tree That is not super tall. I think it might be a bit short. I think they top out at 15 Ft. But you know again, back to the cultivars. There are a lot of varieties of magnolia. You know, you could go all the way to the extreme. You know? What's the grand of Flora? Is it just Grand a floor that giant magnolia that get his size of a building or you go to little gym, which you know will be 15. You know, when I was a kid, I remember neighbors that you know. There might have been if m sure there was a fence but then to grow even further over the fence. They planted bamboo all the way down the fence line, So he had the fence, and then he had another one can actually 20 ft. That's another great idea. Because there you don't want giant timber, bamboo, but for her situation, Alphonse Karr and you'd want clumping bamboo.

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