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Thomas our top story at four thirty we have updates in the investigation of the last week's Diebold fire the claim thirty four lives our in depth team coverage starts with Santa Barbara county sheriff bill brown who says that the wreckage of the conception has been brought up to the surface and loaded onto a bar you will then be transported to an undisclosed secure location for further investigation with the completion or upon the completion of the salvage operation local and state involvement in this incident will wind down sure brown's his old thirty four victims have been identified the Duyvil conception caught fire Labor Day morning with all of the crew members fast asleep the NTSB is released its first report on the disaster five of conceptions crew members were fast asleep behind the bush wheel house and that a six crew member was sleeping below in the bunk room the NTSB says investigators have interviewed three crew members who say that no mechanical no electrical issues were reported on the boat before the catastrophe the first crewmember rattled awake Labor Day morning saw flames at the rear of that seventy five foot long boat flames that's report says appeared to be rising from the lower passengers salon deck crew members jump down to the main deck one crewmember broke his leg they did tell investigators that access doors to the salon were blocked by fire as was a ladder to climb down one deck and the report does not say conception caught fire but in a statement an attorney for conceptions owner says that they are doing everything in their power to support of this investigation Craig figure can extend seventy news radio and you can read the anti espys preliminary report for yourself on our website can extend seventy dot com it's not clear whether having a crew member on night watch would have prevented the tragedy may even a night watchman is not as good as gentry is you know a half a dozen smoke alarms has spread throughout that both John Devitt. the chairman of the national fire protection association and a former assistant fire chief he insists tougher fire detection system requirements are needed for passenger vessels Coast Guard records show the conception past its two most recent inspections with no safety violations McDevitt calls the conception a compliant fire trap I really believe that the Coast Guard make better use of early warning detection and these people were compliant then the results would have been different law enforcement sources tell the LA times some of the surviving conception crew members who stated to investigators that they lack training to deal with a major emergency collective pesky talk KNX ten seventy newsradio sure Stephanie shot and killed a man with a possible mental issue in Santa Clarita they say he attacked one deputy and charged three more who arrived is back on the original call to nine one one indicator shirtless man was yelling and screaming at people outside of urgent care clinic on rye canyon road in Scott road sure some inside the tent a Brandon dean told reporters the deputy tried to reason with the man but it didn't work.

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