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That that this is my new bread and butter this is exactly in my opinion what the giants are going to do not to mention like i'm not even saying that saquon barkley is gonna get you know fifteen hundred rushing yards i don't know what he's gonna get he is going to be a yard from scrimmage guy i had one scout around the combine say this is the best college back as a receiver that i've ever seen and not only that but sean payton told me this is the best running back prospect i've seen in twenty five years how many yards from scrimmage does he need to have for us to say after the fact you know what he was worth the second overall eighteen hundreds that's a lot it is you know what that means that means he's eleven hundred rushing and seven hundred receiving which is not unrealistic if he's going to catch sixty balls he's going to get around seven hundred yards receiving so i don't think that's unreasonable at all stats give us another one all right mike i'll start with you with this one then saquon barkley since you brought him up peter and a returning oto beckham junior make the giants a blank team i you know i don't nine and seven yeah i say potential wildcard team so nine and seven same we're in agreement on that chris simms thinks they can make it to the superbowl now i just think he's sucking up to his dad when he says that but he thinks they can become a super bowl team was saquon barkley i think a lot of that depends on the revival of the defense and you know and right now the key guy with the new york giants in my opinion i think their offense is going to be fine too key guy on this team in my opinions james becher because he is bringing a new philosophy a new style to that defense.

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