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Be a logical fight for him at this stage of his career. The way he's performed lately it would have to be despite his recent downfalls he does have a name so would have to be somebody that the u. of c. You would attempt to put in behalf to be a win win fighter. Rory one be like i'll rory's back baby. And if he lost to be. Like all right rory's name put this person over Brady's not a bad idea all that might actually be. Don't wanna see him us. I don't wanna see them. Used roy as a stepping stone. I mean what else can you do. At this point the other would be below mohammed. Yeah i like that one little more bet. Those are the two. I'll condit. I'll go the condit rematch. I'll go. I still think i mean. I think a lot of people thought would happen before. Roy left the that that that would be one of his It's and then of course. He surprisingly parted ways with the company. So we didn't get to see that rematch. But the first fight was very very exciting. It was a last minute win for condit. I'm sure i would love to get that one back. It was a fight that he was winning. And i think there are the as a career that would still be on compelling. So i'll go i'll go with that And then yeah he's reports that after. Maybe i should have asked cooper instead. So yeah what do we do with recoup where. He's kind of weird because he's just short welterweight but i think he's also got that like ti alba's body where i don't think he could make one fifty five comfortably without like dramatically changing his body and probably making himself a less effective fighter so he is a welterweight Gosh what would be a good top twenty. Would you give them a top twenty opponent. Michael wins the pf l. tournament and has a lot of heat behind him and and he's done with the fell. Only one answer to this question. Oh kidney it's nico price o why why why. Why is such a clear answer because nicos awesome. And he's crazy and very cooper's powerhouse and i think that's the fight. I don't think you can go right. I think i'm not nicos. A very good litmus tests at welterweight like welterweight is in a different spot than some of these other divisions. Just because there's so much talent and so much star power like throughout the division like you mentioned condit and the lawler's and even now you get the nick d. as in such so. Yeah ray cooper versus who is going to complain about that fight that's perfect ab fight. That's a great. But you know what i think the. Oc would do though. I think i think gotta pettiness. They would try and make him the book him to lose. Its first fight just to do the whole almost vincent man like i need to build them back from scratch so i want to. I want to show that the this guy from another league is not at the level. I think this was insane on paper given their different experience but the records for records. We're not that different. I think they like with trauma there with neil magny or something. I think tony magni with the idea that magny would win. A pretty convincing decision over him but yeah magnates twenty-sixth yosi fight whereas zone debut. Stranger things have happened. I don't know. I just got a weird and by the. I don't expect ray cooper to go to the anytime soon anyway so But yeah fun thought experiment. And he certainly has the talent to compete. You have sea level belt or a level but if you can stay in. Pf l. making millions ray. Rice have adamant he wins a rematch with magomed karimov state air. Keep on all right mike. Let's let's end with a quick. Oh gosh screen these last one from just bob. He's got some rapid fires mike. Are you ready. Argh reading here is your brain loose. It's loose all right all right. Don't put too much thought. This place like pizza tacos tacos pizza. Wc or strikeforce wc. I'm sitting on strikeforce okay. I don't think we can all these monster. Jeff piece oath none zero. Yeah i mean. i'll i'll elon. Musk a little bit. Funnier i guess. But there was terrible. oat milk or almond milk almond milk. Yeah look i guess what's never had milk. Okay milk i think so. Definitely almond milk then vega that settles that He'll connor gets worse or con. Okay okay this is tough one. So connor behavior gets worse or he just retires. What would you rather see. I'd rather see him retire. I don't wanna see his understanding. Once again i agree retired. Anyone this is easy leno. Or letterman letterman. Yeah letterman come on Fighters union or. Would you rather this. Would you rather see a fighters union or no. Judging controversies felt god the first one by union manner yes. We can't harp on the union thing. Enough fans wooing or fans buoy. That's a good one. I'd probably take the booze over honestly. Yeah yeah the league is okay. I made if it's one or the other and they're the same like at the same level the rat right now. I think the booze over the news data rama's fans boy. There's a bad fight. Fans should be allowed to boo. That's what's wrong with that. They like every fight. That's not like hanging in this. But you certainly want to have the op. Wooing is never necessary. We don't we shouldn't be like in ghana lewis one like we shouldn't be sharing that got to you gotta and i'd rather hear the moving and that's for darn sure This is a great question. The classic question. Would you just be silva or john. Jones silva jesse soul talking about. Let's everyone their relative primes. Yeah just be. i think. It's a more competitive. I john jones. I think pride. John jones kills prime anderson. Sorry you have to fight. And i'm gonna buy the anti ask these questions. I always put the caveat put in effort. You can't just tap out in the public. Three seconds brock listener and gone. Oh brock more money. That's so smart. I was going to say god. Because i think there's a little bit nicer. I don't think he has the mainstream rock listener brackley. It was an evil guy. But i feel he would take a little. Have a little bit of fun with beating up someone in the media. I think he'd enjoy it. I think it's definitely slap you around a little bit before like either your auditory or choking you in god it would be nice enough to like push you around maybe give you a couple of knocks to the dome and then just say lay down. I'm going to put your arm bar. I'd get warped either way. But i mean i would definitely get whipped either way but brock. At least i would wake up and try my tears with hundred dollar bills and war or end poverty steep super deep of. I'll look at you know you. How dare you now. I'll say i'll say war because ending war probably could help lead to ending poverty. I think the opposite. Or both. I think well i think the problems are related. I mean if. I have to choose what i want everybody to frigging. Eat and have money and be able to live amending poverty. i love war fully endorse. Would you rather have fully endorse all of jets. Takes or let him babysit for you. I'll definitely endorse all of us. Takes you know you wouldn't trust jed with the life of your child i..

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