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Game with Andy mazer begins at six thirty five first pitch at seven ten with Ed farmer and. Darren Jackson on seven twenty WGN the cubs won series. In Kansas City they. Beat him gain in game two in a five. Nothing shutout cubs go for the sweep tonight the first, pitch. At, seven fifteen and. Bears wrapped. Up their last practice in bourbon yesterday they, had, the, Simpson Atty on, Thursday take on the Bengals their. Second defined preseason games WGN traffic Esmeralda Leon right now we are watching a crash this is, in the west Garfield park. Neighborhood lake, street and Kostner avenue crews on the scene there so expect some, delays on the. Rest of the expressway those are pretty quiet we're. Looking, at the Edens. Fifteen in both directions Kennedy is running with no major problems on the Eisenhower Steve Winston Dan Ryan. All looking. Good. Lakeshore drive we are still seeing those delays. On the inbound side said the northbound side right at. Foster or else has seen just a, couple delays in the. Downtown area Bishop Ford I fifty seven clear. And the tolls three fifty five years starting to. See a little bit more of a slowdown mainly the, southbound side just after I eighty eight for personalized traffic on demand get the Traffix Chicago app approved. By the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search t., r. a. f. f. I x. Chicago as. Leon WGN traffic central and the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center most of the, state is dry this morning a mix of sun and clouds today will reach the upper, eighties and, we're, seeing, a few thunderstorms in southern Illinois and. We could see a few scattered showers in the Chicago area today even if you understood later tonight. Clouds should move out temperatures will fall into the upper. Sixties then Thursday sunshine. A high of ninety two right now it's overcast. And seventy at O'Hare fog and mist at midway it's. Seventy Won the lakefront. Vic Vaughn, in, the WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven. Twenty WGN Dick Brian Noonan in for Nick nickleby back on Monday. Morning I will be here.

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