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People. It's all over now case closed. It's getting harder and harder to pretend there isn't a serial killer on the loose especially when the same fingerprints are found at ten different crime scenes and multiple witnesses. Keep seeing the same person. A tall stocky woman with short hair dressed like a nurse. This suspect has got to be out there somewhere. And the pressure is mounting. In the years since the investigation started there have been seventeen more murders and by two thousand five newspapers or reporting that the grand total has reached forty nine unsolved murders in seven years. So the whole city is freaking out. Elderly people are afraid to leave the house alone and my summer of two thousand five. Something happens that turns this from a local problem into a nationwide scandal. Mayor lopez obrador announces. He's running for president immediately. His opponents latch onto the little old lady killer as a fear mongering tactic they blame the mayor for the wave of crime and the moral collapse of his city in august. The opposing party the p. a. n. actually launches a program to deliver door chain locks to the elderly. This is becoming way too big of a problem to ignore so in august of two thousand five after nearly two years of denying it. The chief prosecutor finally comes out and says okay. Okay you're right. There is a serial killer after that. The department of justice launches a whole new effort called parks and gardens since all the victims live near parks and gardens. They assumed that's where the killer was finding them. The police set up surveillance patrols in all the areas where the little old lady killer has been active. They make multiple composite sketches based on eyewitness accounts and seventy thousand copies are distributed all over the city the even commission of three d. clay sculpture of the suspects head of course despite with eyewitnesses said the police are still claiming that the suspect is disguised as a woman and this is what leads to an embarrassing low-point of the entire investigation by october of two thousand and five the chief prosecutor decides maybe were wrong. Maybe the killer is actually transgender. So taking a complete shot in the dark the police go out and arrest somewhere between thirty eight and forty nine. Trans sex workers pretty much random. None of them look anything like the composite sketches and none of their fingerprints matched. the prince found at the crime scenes. The worst part is after this massive failure. The investigators don't rethink their tactics. The chief prosecutor continues to insist. We are certain. The suspect is a transgender by november. The investigations lack of progress is becoming a serious political problem officials from the pin or calling on the chief prosecutor to resign lopez. Oberdorf party is denouncing them. For trying to politicize murder the controversy gets so bad that the city assembly passes a resolution that basically says stop arguing and let the prosecutor do his job all right and they had a point. All of this drama was taking attention away from the actual manhunt or woman hunt. The investigators had just turned off the news and switched the channel. Two tv azteca. They would have seen the little old lady killer giving an interview on national television. I hope you enjoy this exclusive look at international infamy. Ready to find out what happens next. You can finish this episode and hear more by following international infamy with ashley flowers. Free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts and catch a new episode weekly on tuesdays..

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