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Lender is agreeing to deposit some $30 billion in first republic bank. First republic is the latest bank to see its equity slammed as deposits exited, even with a 10% rise in today's session. During the regular session, the stock is down 74% in the past month and most of that, occurring this week. And if you think about it this week has been a week marked by almost every day a new bank in the spotlight yesterday, Credit Suisse was the big story today. First republic, the big story, it did say late in the day that it is suspending its dividend payments and that it will focus on reducing its borrowing. That sank the stock as much as 29% for a time in after hour isn't at the moment is trading down 18%. It was just another example of every day there's something new and it doesn't seem like we are at least at this point anywhere near the end of this saga. Let's take a closer look at what we see in the Asian markets. Nikkei futures are suggesting a very modest game, the ASX 200 is up about three tenths of 1%. Dalyan won 33 43 here. The yield on the ten year US Treasury 3.57%. And a quick line on TikTok, the New York Post says it's in talks with potential buyers as the U.S. presses for a ban that conversations are heating up. And that's a look at markets. Let's get over to Dan schwarzman in New York with the latest headline news, and a Brian French president Emmanuel Macron is rammed through a bill that raises the country's retirement age from 62 to 64

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