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I mean folks think about what I'm telling you right now, the lead investigator for the FBI. In this case, a senior manager at headquarters who is making contact daily with not only the, the rector, the deputy director, but it cadre of upper level officials, senior management of the FBI who is investigating Donald Trump is texting his love interest who's an FBI lawyer about a coordinated DOJ media leaks strategy. Now to give you both sides of this, if you saw Sean Hannity less Andy McCarthy, who's a former sun and district in New York assistant United States attorney who have a lot of respect for he urged caution a bit and said, just to be clear on this, he said, we don't have all the facts yet, and I don't want to get, you know me. I don't like to get out ahead of stop because if you're proven wrong, you know, obviously hurts your credibility. I refused to do that. It's a simple calculation on my part about getting you the facts and not putting you in a bad spot either. So I do want to give you both sides and I'll tell you, I feel. That's a bad tax. Joe. If you're investigating me and you're texting your girlfriend at the time about a coordinated strategy to release information about a Pfizer warned about Carter page ladies and gentlemen, you know how sensitive that information is. We could be talking about potential criminality here, serious criminality among stroke in page depending on what exactly they leak. This could be very, very serious this revelation. It also brings the Justice department into the fold, and the argument that this was just a few rogue FBI agents here now goes out what you could throw that argument. I when it's silly, but the left always has an excuse, right, right. But McCarthy did say this and he is right. There is a strategy in law enforcement in general, and he brought up, he's right. He's even the terminology uses right? They call it tickling the wire where sometimes information will be leaked out to the media in an effort to maybe tease out who the bad guy is. You get what I'm saying. I mean, I'm trying to think I'll give you an example from the protection. And when I was a secret service said, and I was doing a motorcade and I'm not going to say what country, but we had gotten information that these media people had gotten an advance hold of our motorcade route, which is obviously a bad thing because if a terrorist is it was not a particularly dangerous country, but it was a country I was concerned about because of some past there that the media had gotten a hold of our motorcade route. So I worked with some people. Let's just say to leak information to the media through channels that was actually inaccurate was the wrong and sure enough. They printed the wrong motorcade route news, which was great. Everybody was like, hey, look at a motorcade. I was the wrong one now. That was done intentionally dumped to throw any potential attacker who would think about setting up at advance on our motorcade route off the set. So tickling the wire there is he's right. It's not. It's not common, I wouldn't say, but it does happen. So McCarthy says, listen, everybody take a breath for a second. And let's find out if that's, in fact what they were doing now, again, much respect to and the alum. I disagree with them, but I actually, he's not even saying, I think he skeptical to, he's just saying, take a breath. So I agree with him on that. We should always take a breath. I'm just saying, based on the available evidence, I think it's pretty clear what happened here. Why Joe?.

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