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Hello, everybody, and welcome to the crypto show. It's an absolute pleasure to be bringing this to you to die walking up. And it is another good day at the end it looked into hape of strategies starting to set up a lot of opportunity starting to roll out startled because some options as well. So what have you been doing over the last couple of days, the last couple of weeks as a matter of fact, because if you've not been trading you've been missing? Anna some fantastic moves. We have had an absolute blonde within the group here. We really have been enjoying ourselves and doing very, very well by just a few try like not a hate betrays just really good transit of have some solid run. So, yeah, it's, it's, it's been a really good run really good period of time. And as I go through. This is a big shoutout to all the people in the US listening to this. We do have a very large following in the US now cities, like Denver. We've got big volumes from New York different parts. Come with a cold out San Francisco. So thank you all for tuning in. I appreciate your time. I love having you plugged in bicycle and hopefully one day when you ready? Wait can be the ones that helped you to try and get more involved with the market. Also a big shout out to the fans in Fiji really be really bizarre really tiny country really awesome people full of Small's boulevard knock, it's, it's Tony place, but we're gonna pretty good. What are you? Tune they weighed. But I love it. A lot a lot. The thank you for all the listeners and. Yeah, you be gone at the I actually really enjoy bringing two guys and I continue lose. So having a look at the market now, Bitcoin's really flat. It is super flat. I'm talking. We're with down point eight six percent followed because the top ten tell you right now. The biggest mover is actually exit play up three point two four percent. The biggest move into the downside. Would that be is Tron down two point nine two percents? So really, it is super super flood very, very little in the way of anything going on, as we speak right now, now, we'll bitcoin start to wind up. We'll we sit winding out ready for the next move. Well, I've put my nose out there. And so I think that ten thousand by the end of this week, and tell you, if we don't stop moving sign on going to be very, very wrong. But that's why bang wrong is not a problem. It still looks very strong to me. As a matter of fact, I'm really, I'm really came to take more positions to the upside, if I get the rot setup. There's good convergence on bitcoin on the two forty four hour shot the moving averages have cooled out now. There's been very little, why of activity off to the sellers. Oh, the buys and bitcoin counties today thousand seven hundred and thirty on the b for next jot. As I site down point six percent. The theory him look it sitting pretty much flood on the debt to seventy two its down point one five percent or forty one cents. Again, it's holding in a very consolidation. Little circuits a leading the patent there on the floor out. Now when I saw that doesn't necessarily mean a tried for me because, for me the needs to be a number of different gradients for the trade to actually be valid to Tyke at because I don't have those ingredients as in. I don't have all the reasons to take tried than I want. So consolidation doesn't always main trading opportunities prevalent or present. So for me, it's a matter of whiting and saying, what is there? What is setting up? And right now, it's just not happening on a theory misfires on consent. But is holding its grand as I said, a us had been the day before for quite some Thompson. Very, very big Moos, accept full too. Today, yet David full fifteen percent the day before that up nine percent. And today, down point one five over saying, yes, it is sitting just above eight dollars, rotten now, I dollars and three cents still is actually up. It's a point five percent, knee, fourteen cents. It's holding its granted slightly taking along, but not not a lot more decides what than that X up his since breaking that thirty five cent resistance barrier has come back close to retesting that actually hit about thirty or solar thirty-five nods goal. Thirty six cents a now sitting just a tad shot of fifty forty five cents. And look at it is starting to look a little more confident at the moment with some consistent saints momentum shifting three. We'll have to see how that goes. Currently forty four nine it's up three percent, going one, one four one fourteen seventy six dollars. It's down two percent today. Not really much going on against sort of Mirroring that of bitcoin. Bitcoin cash. Guide very boring. Full thirty four is the price down. Seven dollars is the move and that a quite a one point six percent in the negative now as the or four fifty as far as I'm concerned for skit that next leg up because there is a bit of resistance their bonnets against tethers at thirty three dollars and five cents. It's down one point three nine percent. I'd like to see bonnets against to the pulled back into the thirty dollar range really giving it little bullish cradle kennel. So I can try that. And then look for my entry, but it's not that just yet Trump's had a couple of massive dies. It's actually pulling back today down two point two percent sitting at three point four cents. And honestly, it needs to be more pullback too goddamn, the loss while at that he's actually up as well up two point three six percent at nine point two cents. Another NAS it'll move on to say that really clear been more hot. It needs to move higher stronger SUNA, if we get that pullbacks into that cradles will certainly be on the cards. Now, ladies and gentlemen, as your bitcoin stock is in crew. Of improving our hope it is anyway. And as you are watching, and listening and getting more and more involved with how the market's upright from tried. His point of view is probably very good time to invest in your education. So if you feel like doing just get it done, you can also pay in crypt is so you don't have to. It's not just in US day goes have a fantastic day and big to gain tomorrow off, now try will jeez, this show is proudly brought to you by try to cope dot com. If you wanna get biweekly video news on the markets that are not showing anywhere else. Just subscribe on the eighth this video on the homepage. If you'd like to get some access to the free webinars to work at exactly what these trading strategies are about pretty simple. Just go to free women us at if you've got friends or family and you'd like to learn more about blockchain and what the opportunity is..

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