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Marcus peters eighteen would have been a great pick great vic there's too wide receivers that went after kevin white that are better than him you have fourteen devante parker and then you have twenty nelson alar both of those wide receivers are better players than kevin white so even if you're like we have to get a wide receiver to guy for sure aguilar i don't he's okay he's better than kevin white is questionable you're better than kevin white right now i try shack thompson the outside linebacker good player but duprey i think is what pittsburgh good player shane ray from denver solid player that's about it in the first round then the point he made his point is is right in twenty sixteen i mean after they took leonard floyd there's not anybody that jumps off the page at you like boy i wish the bears had them twenty sixteen let's see it went leonard floyd ally apple burn hargraves sheldon rankings laremy tunsil wow shack lawson i mean i'm looking here there's really not a lot there yeah his point his point makes sense in two thousand sixteen at obviously twenty seventeen they took trubisky the jury's still out but i think we all were happy with that pick the best pick in the first thirty six from the time the bears picked i mean obviously the top of the draft goff wentz vosa ezekiel elliott jalen ramsey those five or beasts jack conklin a solid offensive lineman then leonard floyd then you go all the way down the next best guy argue with you miles jack the linebacker for jacksonville i mean he's a good player but he's a second round pick so i think we're just arguing first routers right after leonard floyd there's nobody that you're like man i can't believe we missed out on that guy correct was really weak draft no cap i don't want you to yell at me like a yelled at brendan from clarendon hills but brian on twitter tweets us that caller just brought evidence what happens does he have to say that mitch is better than any of the quarterbacks taken the first ten picks this year i i believe what i walks last year i like his seven.

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