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I'm Andrew moolah on today show scandals harder to weather for politicians whose whole thing is being unscheduled us Justin Trudeau is finding out my guests page Reynolds, Augusta Mitchell Ari, Ben Ryland, and Thomas Lewis will be here to discuss this and the day's other big stories, including does a spat at an Australian press conference suggests that the Donald Trump school of media relations is catching on after an awards ceremony. Four award ceremonies would the Oscars even get nominated and do the definitions of what constitutes an Olympic sport need to be tightened. That's coming up on the Dory. House on local twenty four right now. And welcome to Madari house. My guest today are monocle twenty fours. Ben Ryland page Reynolds Augustine match Lori and from Toronto bureau Thomas Lewis, welcome all and we will start in Canada with what appears a significant besmirching of the hitherto apparently on besmirch -able image of prime minister Justin Trudeau, he is embattled if not yet outright beleaguered by a scandal, which has seen the resignation of Canada's minister of veterans affairs and former attorney general Jodie Wilson Ray bolt at issue is the allegation that people in the prime minister's office lint on Wilson Ray Baldwin. She was attorney general not to pursue criminal charges against Canadian engineering firm SNC loveline Trudeau as is traditional in such circumstances denies everything Thomas briskly, if you will what are the basics of what has happened here. As far as we understand it while this will begins last year when it's been alleged. That the then attorney general hearing Canada, Joe c Wilson Jodie Wilson raised Rabaul excuse me was apparently pressurized by a personnel at the prime minister's office to mental if you like into the legal proceedings being levied against Quebec based engineering group SNC Lebanon. This story is broken by the globe and mail newspaper coming up to about three weeks ago now, and it really has caused the biggest sort of political scandal. I think it's fair to say that Justin Trudeau has faced since he was elected back in twenty fifteen last week. Jesse Williamson re- rebelled who had been demoted in the eyes of many to the position of veteran affairs minister, she resigned, which meant that she was not now bound by lots of the conventions. If you are a cabinet minister of the things that you're allowed to talk about in terms of conversations you had with say, the prime minister or other. Cabinet colleagues, then this week that was another chapter of drama when the prime minister's longest serving on closest confidante Gerald butts. He is widely regarded as being the mastermind of Trudeau's election victory in two thousand fifteen he resigned amid this scandal. And now what we have is an inquiry that's opened with lots of senior personnel giving evidence about what they knew what they didn't know, and what the consequences and what the ramifications are constitutionally and legally about these allegations. So this really is a story that I think Justin Trudeau wanted to sort of cost quite quickly, but he's really failed in in doing. So Thomas Justice does face an election by October at the latest those this put a big noticeable dent in him as he prepares for that. I think it's does. And I think the timing couldn't really be worse. I think over the past eighteen months or two years or so you really seen Justin Trudeau sort of sheen. If you like here domestically waning on lots of different fronts. You've seen lots of contrivances about pipeline building, for example, which is very popular in conservative heartlands in the west of Canada. But is deeply unpopular with members of many first nations communities, for example, and those communities are really at the heart of Justin Trudeau's election campaign aware, he stated that he would work harder than any prime minister before effectively to bring reconciled re reconciliation tree reconciliation between Canada and its first nation first nations populations. You've also had things like the renegotiation of the NAFTA treaty that was seen as a bit of a triumph for Trudeau. But then you saw things like the G seven summit where he was attacked pretty publicly by Donald Trump. I think that sort of dented his view for some Canadians while other saw it as a bit of a triumph for Trudeau standing up to belligerent leader to the south of the border. So I think whereas in the international..

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