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I think i always. I was writing songs. You know since. I was like in like second grade like complete songs like i have notebooks. That are probably still at my mother's house of like i would look at you. Know how like the cd. Booklets used to have like the lyrics side. Them like the cassettes. So i knew like okay. It's verse chorus verse. Chorus bridge court. Like that was looking at the job so i was actually writing. Structured like lyric sow. But i couldn't play any instruments. So i would record myself acapella on cassette tapes singing the melodies when i was like eight and like so like it was just something that was always like really innate and then once i eventually learned to i started playing drums when it's twelve and then guitar when i was fifteen so that eventually that just it has like a natural progression like i always. I felt like i knew what i was supposed to do. Since the moment. I could figure out you know that. That was an objective for my life so when it didn't work out that was like a reality check. Well you were sure yourself feels good. Man can relate multiple times. Yeah what do i do now. I'm a failure and it's funny because the way that people measure success is different. So there's so many people that like come to me. And i wish i could have done what you did and like really gone balls to the wall and like put everything into this and like you were so successful and i was like no i wasn't. I'm like what does because i look that way and social media right right. Yeah because you can make a whole right person on the ever. You know you can buy likes secret. Reviews won't let me. Let's talk about a little bit of music then because that kind of coalesce into your kind of journey into your religious studies to so when you started with music you're down in southern maryland and then you started going up more to baltimore. Zara esl. I obviously grew up and you know had had like my ban high school and stuff like that..

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