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The Prudential Center in Newark. Because of it, and getting detoured mass transit is excellent. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. Harmonic and George 5 to 10 minutes overnight Construction gone and alternate side parking rules and regulations are in effect today. I'm Karen Stewart, Your next report is 5 31 on 10 10 wins. We don't have atleast 10 neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. With relatively high levels of positive test results for Corona virus, the city is trying to get more mass compliance and cracking down on gatherings in those neighborhoods. The governor. Thanks. The actions being taken are inadequate CE and to make things just a bit more complicated. The city's middle schools and high schools reopen today. Let's get more on all of us from Glen Shockey's Live on the Lower East side this morning, Glenn Finally, you know, the infection rate in these 10 neighborhoods is now between three and up to 7%. So that's the alarm the clusters in southern Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Far Rockaway and Central Queens as well. This makes up nearly 30%. Of all the cases, all of the city. This is what the Health Department keeps seeing increases every day. They blame massless gatherings in large crowd that are still in issue in several areas. Governor Cuomo says local governments are not doing their job. Regarding mask the localities. And we're talking about Orange, Rockland, New York City. A Nassau that has a a couple of communities affected. They have to enforce the state law. And they're not doing it with enough diligence. But the mayor is pushing back about New York City's regulations, saying they're on top of it. Where there are instances of non compliance, a reminder. Businesses can be fined or shut down, so they'll be individual work throughout the community. Going business by business, hopefully finding good conditions where there are not good conditions if they have not been a problem before there'll be a warning if there has been a problem before. Business can be fined or shut down on the spot. Amidst all this pressure. Leah's you mentioned public high schools are in the five boroughs will open today. I'm down here at one of the Lower East side, and we'll keep you updated on what the U. F T has to say. One shot. 10 10 wins. Here in Lower Manhattan. Five day furloughs for City Hall workers kick in starting Today of the furloughs will be staggered days off will be spread out to reduce the impact the mayor even gave himself of five day for Alo. The object, of course, is to save money, but it's Mostly symbolic. The savings will be about $22 million. As for when the mayor will take his furlough days, his spokesman isn't saying, But he does say the mayor will work voluntarily on the days when he's not getting paid. Least not looking for two men in connection with the firing of a stray shot that killed a woman in her bedroom and Jackson Heights yesterday. The police need the public's help in finding the killer 43 year old Bertha Arriaga was shot by a stray bullet while she was in her third floor bedroom. The building is on 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights, a really nice tree lined street Chief of Queens North detectives, Julie Merrill said. They're looking for two people simultaneously. As this shot rang out. There were.

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