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First Friday of the new year and the weekend preview pretty much focused on Gulfstream. Hat full of steaks on Saturday. Santa anita. Couple of nice graded stakes as the three year olds get started in particular. Also, the turf San Gabriel. Those will be the the focus Santa ynez to on Sunday at Santa Anita and kind of caught up on his much as I could. Last couple of days and. Will intersperse some of that commentary and reaction as we move around. And we'll go down to Florida with with Martin McGee in the first hour Marty. Entrenched for another winter at Allendale and sharing the. The responsibilities with Mike Welsh down there. Michael be on the back end. We'll get get a little bit of clocking. Info from from Welsh late in the show. The era of clock report and the the maiden race that. Early on the card, and then the mutual macho man will see who among the the three year olds Mike is interested in and Marty is tracking a lot of the. The early Pegasus news keeping track and in fact yesterday with the. Important actually, given given McKinsey status that Leofric won't be participating and. That could open the there's the negotiations and the. The push poll of getting the the field assembled for Pegasus. But. Just a just literally forty-eight hours ago. There was a question. Well in what slot wood MacKenzie where where would they Seidel in not that? Not that the stakeholders in those that have bought put the down payment in yet to put a hundred thousand as a down payment. Sure. Sure, any number would would be happy to have McKinsey to partner up with two to run into into Pegasus. We'll catch up with Marty and get some of that early news and also just from yesterday. We mentioned that that third race that featured orbs full, brother. And a second start for the groupie. Dow tap it Colt for Mandy pope, and they ran second and third respectively. It was Bo terro it was that second time starter that it started his career. With baffert. And is that sizeable time off had really a year basically on the sidelines and came to Bill Maher, Donald Burto. The whole bread. And frankly, fifteen dollars was was kind of generous in a in a six horse field. As it as it turned out the money came in on on the orb, brother. One of four to five and it's funny wrote to me actually went off second choice. The warrants running for Jeff Brown and. The groupie. Dow. The group four year old. Six the basically went off at that. Seven to one. So. Be another another chance for both of them later later in the meet look for look for Shoghi RAF next to come back with personal time and tap ability and Petero patera ran wealth took over a Louis Sayas. Set up shop and. Look good doing it. And. Race going back to Wednesday. We should slip in. Can't be your park. The Medaglia d'oro. And is it happens Petero also Tagliaferro, but the Larry best the one and a quarter million dollar. Philly out of Siwi hill. That came on Wednesday. We didn't get to this yesterday. And she abused at Akwa. Breeders Cup weekend. Okay. And kind of. Had a sluggish start. And. Pass them horses. But you have Brown making the point that. Felt that turf was going to be right for this one. And. Look, very good eighty four buyer. Breaking her maiden. On wednesday. So. Cambier park. For Larry best oxo wearing the the red jacket with the oxo ball. And of course, Sealy hill, the wonderful, gene, Melnik, campaigner and. Daughter revolt point, given and Celia was a hell of a nice. She's had she's had. A couple of nice runners. So keep an eye on that one for I think, I would think the pretty tough to expect a steak try sooner than later for for that three year old filling. So we'll catch up with Marty. We're going to check in with Jeremy plunk. To start the conversations weekend preview and.

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