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I thank you Lynn here's our top story the Maricopa County Board of supervisors decided today to vote next week on whether to suspend Paul Peterson Peterson was arrested earlier this month for his involvement in an alleged human trafficking scheme he's accused of recruiting and offering to pay more than forty pregnant women from the Marshall Islands to adopt their babies in the US he's also facing fraud charges for allegedly claiming the women were Arizona residents and getting them state funded health care the earliest the board can vote on suspending the county assessor is Monday the suspension could be up to one hundred twenty days but Peterson could appeal it Ashley flood KCA Arnie's KTA our eyes on immigration for the first time a report calculates that immigration arrests can cost families twenty four thousand dollars each unlike the regular system immigration bonds must be paid in full it also includes things like hiring an attorney which again in immigration court is not provided for you by the government you of a researcher Jeffrey Allen voice found no difference for households and their arrestees who stayed in detention or were deported or were released and allowed to remain we also found it close to half of household liquidating the entirety of their savings acid as well as selling property vehicles eighty percent of households boys study them Pima county were mixed with at least one citizen or a legal permanent resident living with illegal immigrants Peter say more K. T. A. R. news Phoenix law enforcement association is reacting to yesterday's firings the Phoenix police detective David swig and officer Christopher Myer brit London's the president of plea and says he believes politics played a role in police chief Gerry Williams decision to fire Myron swig and he's confident they'll get their jobs back they can appeal with the decision to the civil service board which we are as soon as they receive their discipline paperwork we're going to take it over and get meeting dates thinks line for some association represents ninety two percent of the department's officers and detectives Chandler police have arrested a fifty four year old woman in the fatal hit and run from Monday morning they killed a fifty year old man and his twelve year old son happen your alma school road.

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