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You ready for thanksgiving tomorrow I don't know how you got to be here instead of home cooking Dakota Johnson one of the same game one shell into the three on A. B. C. four in joint pet loss in use Leon Harris and storm team four chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer for news for it for bringing down the day's biggest stories and giving you a first look at your forecast working for you every afternoon on news Ford for right Michigan health department investigating second baby related that we'll have the story coming up on the patriot the key is everybody male female our I see every Wednesday but the recent past that hasn't been everyone's they they're in interruptions by the government the nerve of them to schedule hearings on a Wednesday or some of the reason a after a debate be that as it may thank god we got with today and I'm reading to you from time magazine our marriage beats living together in all the polls that they've taken to a trust each other more they feel closer to the person other than and in in marriage and then in living together my argument against living together is not a religious argument is not a this is living in sin argument it is purely practical marriage is deeper better better for you and better for society nobody thinks about better for society that's of the twenty th that but I think about it all the time it's better if people commit publicly and legally through each other than just say will will will live together because we love each other and the author in time magazine continues married people are advertising their commitment that's the point that's why it's better for society I want people to advertise their commitment quote when somebody tells you that's my spouse you know a ton of information about the relationship and the level of commitment this is from Scott that's a call from Scott Stanley a research professor and co director of the center for marital and family studies at the university of Denver that's right when somebody tells you that's my spouse what I said before the break give give me a break folks well I got a break a few times an hour but give me a break what what what is what what tells the world more information this is my wife or this is my girlfriend this is my husband or this is my boyfriend or partner big deal and she continues quoting this a research professor but you could have ten different couples tell you their co habiting in for some of them it's like dating with a lot of sleepovers for others it's a lot like marriage in terms of their intention and for another few which is the worst deal yes this is a key one it's one one person thinking it's one thing and the other person thinking it's not co habitation that doesn't force clarity like marriage those this article up my alley or what I like clarity leave a big fan of clarity as they used to have in the old cowboy movies the pew study suggests that if its commitment you're looking for being married is a pair of hiking boots and living together is a pair of stilettos both can get you where you want to be but only one is designed with that in mind good line I was rewarded for reading the entire piece just to get through that line it's terrific terrific line people should ask your people work together Hey you guys are you were wearing hiking boots or somewhat of what a Prager seven seven six is line seven working or just open what is the story morning glory and the answer is it's open we actually have one open line shocker rule okay when we take your calls the ticket William and craft in Maryland was it the other day I said to you were not getting enough calls from Crofton and and look at this is like a divine hand on the Dennis Prager show eleven that they did not call that yes Sir all I want to say on the early nineties it will all come and say I see person among my friends on a leave in a lot of religious Christian how to communities there are a lot of my friends are living together already ordered Mary although we are not getting their you know soon okay normally would be in my mind that offered that nothing is really going to change our he started laughing fit yeah they're wrong that's the point of this piece they're just wrong right and that there's no way they could know that because the they're not married but ask people who let live together and then got married right by me ask people everybody listening who live together and then got married say oh yeah there's no difference you're good yeah yeah I wanted to talk called on putting on the living martyr you do you've achieved something rare William you've got the living order to speak this is a very great moment in the show's history and now the it's awesome take it away all right so when susy Anna I'd lived together for a number of years I was sort of caught in that whole way of thinking and we finally decided well it we should get married I was shocked at at day one the difference between living together and being married it was truly it sounds so cliche it is a little bit cliche but it was transformative and I have to admit Susie makes a big joke out of this that from that time I would go around and talking to people as an evangelist for marriage I would say you have no idea it's you should be getting you should get married it's much different yeah and it almost became funny because I I I would stop somebody in the street and say by are you living with somebody you should get married it's much better world much closer the bond was much tighter how could it not be I mean it's it's it's how about this if you don't want me stuff perfect analogy but I think in analogies if a difference between renting a house and owning a house well you've used which is excellent but you use also used a another analogy which is the difference between visiting a country are living at that in a country as that say you're living there but you're not a citizen and being a citizen of a good analogy to you don't remember making them no I don't but I like it okay so.

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