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We're already late. Oh, man. So So on Christmas, huh? I told the kids we should watch a movie on Christmas evening because we work on the family's house and we were doing all the things we normally do. And I said I said, Let's watch the new Wonder Woman movie and Jones, he said. No, we have to watch a Christmas movie. Let's watch Wonder Woman on a different day. Isn't that a Christmas movie? Which one? You should have called me because It takes place during the fourth of July. But at the end, they shot an extra piece. That was Christmas that made it no that we want to collate. We watched. We watched Wonder Woman on New Year's Eve, which I'll tell you about. That's a separate story, but Um And I said, You know what? You kids have never seen die hard. Now, This is the age old question. If you wanted to watch a Christmas movie, Is it a Christmas movie? No, it's not. So leave. The director weighed in and said it was a Christmas movie. And it has been a long time since I've seen die hard. It came out 1988, and it looks like it, doesn't it? Doesn't then God bless holds up. Come on a little. It's pretty creaky. E mean part of it is just watching movies with kids when the entire movie would not be necessary if there were cell phones Like none of this would be a problem. Well, and the other thing to remember when you watch die hard. And if it seems creaky, remember it set the precedent. Oh, yeah, of everything else that was to follow. So, yeah, everything else that was to follow. Keep ramping it up in ramping it up, so it may seem creaky. I just remember these scenes where they keep cutting toe. To limousine driver or something, and it's just all of this nonsense. I'm just going. Why are they doing Argyle? Because they have to remind you that he's there. Argyle is still there and pivotal Bill Also remember, we didn't have as much a DHD back then we were able to linger on a scene and it was fine. But it was so fun to watch with them because you know the Of the minute. Hans Gruber shows up and they're all like, Hey, it's name Mr Cowboy. And Yeah, it little things like there's that scene when? When Bruce Willis throws the body off the top floor went like to get their attention is a great movie to watch with Children was wonderful. Yeah, and and you watch and it's a long Shot of this body, and it's a guy falling off off the building. And my son said. Is that a real guy jumping off and you can tell it's a stunt guy jumped off a building and They don't see that all the movies they see now everything is is e g. And they could tell watching that That's a real guy jumping off the building. And this is the thing. We had this discussion for geek show about Michelle Yeoh because we were talking about Star Trek Discovery. And Tony had not known Tony or Rebecca had not known what an ass kicking actress Michelle Yeoh is It was, and we're like, you know? Yeah, She's amazing, but go back and watch. I think it's super cop threes than is the one that she's in with Jackie Chan and you will see stunt men. Getting hurt? Yeah, left and right. And it doesn't happen. No CG and flying tiger, Hidden dragon or Crouching Tiger. Yeah, yeah, that she's great, real the real You know, on the ground? Yeah, Stuff is in the Jackie Chan super cop movie where she and she does all of her own stunts because they couldn't know that we're going to go back to the guy falling off the news on die hard. They show him falling for so long that they cut to the limousine driver commenting on it, he's still Fawley's look at that. No. And when, when Jonesy saw Alexander Godunov, you know Carl, the ballet dancer at the beginning of the show. She's like he's gonna make it to the end, isn't he? I said You just wait. You just wait. So we get all the way to the end. And, you know, you think the movie's over and Bruce Willis and his wife were walking out and the cop is there and And then did it and then you think Carl's dead, but he's not and Jonesy stood up. And started clapping. I they loved. It doesn't get to watch that with cousin Alexander Godunov, as matter fact, doesn't he get in the limousine and drive off with our? Yeah, sure. Still talking. No hard feelings. Let's go. Um, but go now to Netflix and search the movies that made us and they'll have our long documentaries about the whole bunch of different movies. Diehard is one of them and you'll find out about that whole Alan Rickman slowly falling bit. He was terrified of heights. And so the fear you see on his face is real Brickman. It was so fun watching that with them now coming up, I'll tell you about Wonder Woman. I'll tell you movie, not tow Watch quickly. For some reason, decided to watch this Kristen Stewart movie. It's on Netflix so just released this year. I don't know when they made it's called underwater. Oh, yeah way made that mistake too. It's terrible. It's just terrible. Not good, although I liked her in it. I mean, you know, Yeah. I mean, there's some kind of there's some kind of good kind of fun special effects, but it's a It's a movie. That's a lot of noise and a lot of special effects based on zero story No, there is no story. Nothing. Just off. Alright. However, on the other suspect side of the spectrum Soul Pixar. Oh, man. That's I, That's the movie of I said out of the two big movies that were released on Christmas Day through streaming services. There is one you should watch and that his soul really good, Jonesy's Josie said. It's the best Pixar movie She's ever since She loves it that Oh, she loved, she said. Yeah, Yeah, I think she likes soul. Better. All right, Traffic..

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