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Sergeant clemens found marilyn's naked body artfully sprawled across the rumbled sheets of her bed arranged in his words as if for a nude photo shoot in one hand was the telephone receiver and on the bed stand were a large number of empty bottles of painkillers. Marilyn's body was whisked away and take into the l._a. County coroner's office where an autopsy was conducted that very same day danforth prince monroe expert hurt and publisher of maryland at rainbow's end sex lies murder and the great cover the morgan l. a. had a notorious history of corruption graft and mismanagement assigned to perform the actual autopsy that sunday morning was dr thomas noguchi a japanese born surgeon who had moved to the united states in nineteen fifty two. He studied pathology at the orange county general hospital in california and in nineteen sixty had taken a position with the coroner's office ironically about six years later on july the sixth nineteen sixty eight it was the same doctrine noguchi than the chief medical examiner for los angeles county who performed the autopsy on robert kennedy after after his assassination at the ambassador hotel noguchi's autopsy established that maryland had died between eight thirty and ten thirty on saturday night and concluded fluted that the cause of death was acute or bitchy poisoning with high amounts of chloride hydrate and nembutal in her blood and liver there was no trace of any pills pills capsules or residue in her stomach however it seems strange given the cause of death and all the empty bottles by her bedside on august seventeenth seventeenth. Noguchi published his findings his conclusion probable suicide on the basis of all the information jane. It is our opinion that the case of problems the suicide cyril wecht is a forensic pathologist who has personally conducted over twenty thousand autopsies in his six decade career in all my ears fifty seven years. I do not recall a case in which somebody put down probable when you are not <hes> sure which you're supposed to do officially properly is to list of manner of death is undetermined. That's why we have a box for undetermined nothing to be embarrassed about intellectually by using that having seen tens of thousands of death acidic. It's over the years so i don't remember somebody putting then you know like probable and then going ahead and signing it out as suicide. If you are not sure of than you put down undetermined. Marilyn was laid to rest three days after she died at the westwood village memorial park cemetery in los angeles ex husband joe dimaggio took charge of the service only thirty of her closest friends and family were invited and most of hollywood so called elite were not outside police struggled to contain the crowds of mourning fans as well as hundreds of reporters and photographers celebrity biographer prefer and hollywood historian mark ego and i remember very distinctly the morning of august fifth nineteen sixty two when it was announced in the media that she had been found dead and i was crushed nine or sold and the death of marilyn monroe was just us something completely out of my realm the idea that someone so alive someone so vivacious and someone so famous could suddenly be dead. She seemed to be someone who had everything. I couldn't fathom the fact it's like that would want to take their life over the following following days and weeks more details emerged on the night she died maryland had a number of significant conversations and remember. She was found with the telephone receiver still in her hand. The first of these was joe dimaggio junior the son of her ex husband with whom she was still friendly. My name is charles castillo and i'm gonna entertainment journalist maryland. Stay close with all her stepchildren and she stayed close with georgio son. She had a momentary bright spot in the evening when he called and they chatted it happily. After maryland joe finished talking she called her psychiatrist dr ralph greenspan according to him to tell him the news about joe junior and the split from his girlfriend around eight pm she received another call from british actor rat packer and brother-in-law to the president peter lawford. There was still a gentleman gordon. He still wanted to come and he was calling her. You know come on marilyn. Come out and you'll feel better. Just come out. Come to the beach and marilyn in a famous phone call now because peter lawford back this up that it actually happened well it was he's the source he said that maryland said i'm not coming staying home but say goodbye to bobby the and say goodbye to pat and say goodbye to the president and take a bite of yourself kucher nice guy and then she she drifted off as well as those phone mm conversations maryland had also seen dr green earlier that day dr greenspan had a very questionable doctor-patient doctor-patient relationship with marilyn dr greens and fell in love with marilyn monroe like many people before him fell under her spell she even spent the night there on certain nights that was crossing all kinds of bad lines for doctor patient because there was no separation between her therapy and our friendship on marilyn monroe's last day he had the the house was in her bedroom. He was talking to her. He said she was upset and depressed but i had seen her in worse shape. 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