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It's to bet they don't. It's too bad that's only was gradient spewing out all the stuff that the that the bears coaches were giving him. What's amazing you know. Wasn't that absolutely amazing. I mean what the bears and he didn't even hide it that well to where it's like boy. They were really just bus tossing the quarterback. I don't even think half of the stuff they said it's probably true. They're just trying to further the agenda. Of what andy dalton. So that way we can make it to the end of the year by saying you know what we three or four justin fields out of the back pocket. Let's go what a jack collins. Where thank of the decision to start. Andy dalton whatever's dad. Told him we gotta stop with this show every time. Yeah that's a good question. I mean he's often. But jack thing that's what i want. I don't know it's a good question. Absolute twenty seven to thirty eight for two hundred sixty but we know kevin jenkins was the bear second round pick supposed to be there left tackle. He's done for half the season. Maybe the whole season. Jason peters brought thirty nine years old. He gets her but third stringer gets are at their literally down to their fourth straight tackled. It's great in chicago right now. Bears two and a half point favorites against the bengals coming up on sunday in soldier field. Total of forty six in adult revenge game against cincinnati. Imagine this actually being a thing when fields is on the roster rams favourite colts. That's an intriguing game l. a. Four and a half at the colts. Total forty six and a half. We'll get to indianapolis. We'll get the cincinnati coming up in a bit here but now we go to the music city where it was a cardinal beatdown of tennessee titans tannehill on fourth down did and sack tendler jones five sacks on the day for fifty five chandler jones making some money k. Mvp with the call. Dave pasch great day pass osco car carbon six actually do because we have the cardinals..

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