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Right. See Mike. We should be friends now. I Would Arrow pointed at knocked asks out here in the south. You got not the workout Rosie to knock to ask out and say put her in jail sale like she was not plan. They've been through too much like lie. They have literally been through too much and the thing. This was part of Alpha's plan not not fit in a tunnel. Herbal put him to be like heart. Like that. Like just harming cold and heartless. Because guess what you can't draw people in if your heart is cold as hers. The thing is interesting to me too is that I don't think I don't. Did you feel like Rosetta? And gave one coil right there. Where she rosie gave knew she was gonna Knock your ass out and say throwing the sail backed up. Play like okay. He didn't no no no. I'm not saying like you couldn't tell that he didn't know what she was doing. It was just kind of like I guess. I guess you're going to jail. Not GonNA protest right like I'm not. I'm not hearsay either now but it made it funny because later he says some shit about being able to tell them the truth and data. And I'm Mike. Gabe put you to be perfectly finally draw map two K. It was. Rosie knocked as out and trying to act like you. Don't WanNA got the true parameter okay so later into sale. We get this conversation. She wakes up for her from her. Restful concussion in the bloodstain that was Dante's goods wingate shaped his ass up irony. They don't do a lot of cleaning clean for the corona virus they. They've cleaned the way that we clean our prisons a real life. It's from the last one we had in here. Welcome to Mississippi Prisoners and kill them. No Oh gave came out of nowhere to stand in the Black Mike. Darwin did was the one you people sent to spy on us. He killed my baby's father to to who that is her baby daddy. I don't know anything about that really. Don't yeah but when you don't believe you I mean how you prove a negative right. I don't know anything about that. I mean I do know older. Let me go okay. I haven't it's amazing how much you say you don't know it up for you. You're going to work very hard in this room. You have to convince us that you're different from the ones who lie and walk with the dead and eat worms. What if I can't then you die? Torture no games. No seconds. He'd be the third one by the way they are playing back hot worst. Gop Okay. Bad Cop cops. Jesus Christ why? Y'All lose one babysitter and lose your mind. All done this telling you the truth you haven't. This is enough show top Mars collar as a servant of God. I've taken many confessions and I can tell when people are holding things back holding things back satisfying aside at the gate. The story you had about being the art of the baby. It's not a story. Does tug at all the right heartstrings. But you're hiding something which makes the whole thing ally as goddess final lying spoken to God. He told me to hang you. Kreis THE HELL ON APPRECIATION. Day going to do this right. How about the Bible Homeboy? What are you going to call this? A bigot are you going to call this dangerous? Well if you do call this dangerous yes we are. Dangerous doesn't kind of Cyrus game giving these day mile. His ideas beat the God. God told me to hang you okay. Well New Testament. Can you just a we get out of the Old Testament Vengeance Grayson immersive lot of going on? Komo in this in this community. Begin to the Psalms. I mean now. They gave away all the way from Again the priest that wouldn't let people who is charged on Iraq and now he must again. Baptists Brimstone five rhinestone preaches. Ask You wanted to go in the hail going ahead you know you. Don't let the kids go to Sunday. School they go on a hail. Don't need to be in Sunday school the Sunday school. Inhale yes finishes like Good Grief. Guy Told Me Hang No grace and mercy Satan all kinds of sense. I got the feeling okay. I know you hold back on the brother. All right but essentially man we just get to the point where she just admits that she's actually the one who killed her own sister for Alpha. Yeah and so then after that he does say he believes her he now so then later we have a meeting where they they have gamma. Come and tell them what a caves are is drives it on the map as she's like okay. But there's other people in the area to lag as notches like I'm not the only one out there and they probably going to be patrolling cave pretty closely. Rosa was active real hesitant into means. She's like sodium. How do we know they're not gonNA be garden like she's like? Oh people are now know about this. And what about the border? People are GonNa be guarding the border. And she's like no they control the border as much. We don't have enough people and I'd actually make sense if you think about it because the way that Alfred says shit up they had people on the inside Alexandria so they really could pretend. They saw all their moods but they never really were able to see all their move right. There's somebody will report back to them like they crossed the border for satellite Blah Blah. And it's like we know you cross Blue Five Times. Like how do they find out.

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