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Prince bitterness is a potent force in our world. Valid good force. It's a sinister force a force breaks up human relationships force that fractures family and we wanna talk about bitterness today, because we're going back to the study of the life of David. And as we do, we're going to find that bitterness entered into the life of one of his children, and wrecked havoc on his whole family bitterness doesn't grow in vacuum. There are certain things that act like miracle grow for bitterness, and we want to talk about what these things are because some of you have experienced some of these things, and then we wanna talk about, how do you keep from allowing those things to make you into a bitter person a little bit background because we haven't done this for a while. So let's make sure we're all together. He remembered David was a young shepherd boy, and he grew up to become king of Israel. He took Israel, and he expanded the borders of Israel to the largest limit that they'd ever had. Had. But at the scene of, of his power, he committed adultery with bash Sheba, and yes, God forgave him. But God also informed him there would be some consequences because of what he had done, and one of those consequences was that there would be turmoil constantly in his family until the day. He died now. That turmoil didn't take long start. It wasn't long after this at one of his sons fella named Amnon raped one of his daughters. Amnon half. Sister, gown taymor and taymor was so devastated by this that she had what we would call today. Nervous breakdown her real brother, her full brother, absolute waited for two years. For David do something David did nothing finally absolute took matters in his own hands. He murdered the rapist his half-brother Amnon, and then fled into exile for three years now. That's where we pick up the story here in chapter fourteen. So let's look first one now Joab, who was the commanding. David armies, Joe, a new that the king's heart long for absolute Joab, realized David really missed his son absolute but for some reason, David couldn't seem to do what it took to get him back. So Joab devise a very clever plot to get David to make the decision to bring absolute back. You can read about it and versus two to twenty we're not going to read it, but it worked verse twenty one so the king said, to have very well, I will do it go and bring the young man absolute back verse twenty three so Joab win any brought absolute back to Jerusalem. But the king said, he absolutely must go down to his own house. He must not see my face. So absolute went to his own house, and did not see the face of the Kingston along why in world after the kids been gone three years, what his dad when he comes back to town refuse to see his own son, go, no no idea. I can tell you, it was a bad decision was a bad decision because these two men. That's things he needed to work on. They had some issues they needed to deal with so David on just wanna talk to. Well, that went on for another couple of years, I twenty eight and absolute lift two years in Jerusalem, without seeing the king's face, and then I'm starting to get upset. So he called Joe f Joab wouldn't come see him absolute Semper Joab. Second time Joe. I wouldn't come second time so absolute sent his men out and set. Joab fields on fire absolutes, call the third time's joy, I wanna see Joab showed up. So what are you crazy set my feels on far like that? Are you nuts? What's wrong with you said? Hey man absolute says you'll have I called you twice. And all I got was call waiting you understand. And I didn't like it, and you're going to come see me, and I wanna see my father, so absolute went to see his dad verse thirty three Joab convinced the kingdom invite him in, and it says, verse thirty three absolute came in and bowed down with his face to the ground before the king, and the king kissed. Absolute say that's good. Right. Well, that's good. Yeah. But it's kind of too little too late. I'm afraid I mean, the bible says that there was no discussion. They didn't sit down. They didn't walk through things. They didn't talk to things it was just a hug in a kiss, and that was it. You haven't seen your son in five years. Your son is murdered. Another brother, his all this has gone on after five years. You gave him a hug, and kissing a Pat on the fanny and go. Good to have you back, son. I don't think so. And as a result, to anger, in the bitterness the hatred that absolute must feeling finally boiled over. That was that was the last straw into ugly. Reality, look what he did after fifteen and in the course of time absolute provided himself with a chariot and horses and fifty men to run ahead of him, and he would get up early in stand by the side of the road, leading to the city gate, friends, in ancient Israel. There were no billboards no radio ads TV spots. If you were an aspiring politician, there were only two ways to as that you could campaign the first way, is that you? Hired runners you hired heralds who would run in front of you everywhere. You went and shout out wonderful things about you. Here comes absolute he's for tax cuts. He's for better education. Absolute feels your pain. Absolute absolute. He's our man. If he can't do it. Nobody can absolutely fifty of these guys to run around in front of you. You went to the city game, and that's where you press the flesh. And that's where you kissed the babies because the city gate in those days was kind of a combination of city hall in the town mall, all rolled into one. And so the bible says everyday absolute began going to the city gate and look what he did there, the middle verse two and whenever anybody would come with a complaint, he would say to them verse three he'd say, look your claims valid improper, but there's no Representative of the king here to hear you. If only I were appointed judge in the land, then everyone who had a complaint or a case could come to me, and I would see to it that they get Justice. And whenever anyone would approach him and without kissing, his the king's son, he would go no-no, and he would homeboy himself in bow down before them. And look what it says at the end of her. Six and by doing this. He stole the hearts of the men of Israel away from his dad from his Dan. And at the end of four years of doing this, absolute I handset secret messengers throughout all the kingdom and said when you hear that the trumpet has been blown for me in the city of Hebron, I want everybody to rise up and shout out absolutes. Now, the king, absolute now, the king, he said, well, wait a minute. Do I understand this? Right. This kid's going out and deliberately intentionally undermining his father's kingdom, trying to take over his dad's kingdom. Exactly right. That's disgusting. Well, you're exactly right to see a son betray. And Sella's dad out like this. If you're hearing your father, can you imagine having one of your children, do this to you? He said, we'll on what drives a son or daughter. What drives someone to do this to the very own father, one word bitterness bitterness? Absolute was a man consumed by bitterness and friends when bitterness gets in the driver's seat of a person's life that person becomes capable of doing anything no matter how heinous are awful. It might sound when bitterness takes over our life. We can do anything, then that's the end of the passage. But David leads us to ask the really important question you know this question, but you haven't done it for while. So everybody get ready, ready. Here we go. One two, three. Okay lawn. So what apps bitter. He's trying to overthrow his dad didn't have a thing to do with me. So what? Well, I think it has a lot to do with you and me. Because people haven't changed all that much. Today's David nap SEL friends absolute was a man where the root of bitterness had sprung up and God says, in the bible, see to it that no root of bitterness spring up in any of you for whenever it does many are damaged by its poison and we're going to see over the next couple of weeks. The poison that had sprung up in absolute through this bitterness is going to do exactly what God says it's going to damage all kinds of people not just absolutely not just David. But hundreds and hundreds of innocent people are going to lose their lives because of this bitter streak. And you know what? This is not a problem just for the ancient near east. It's a problem in modern world. We have bitter students walk into high schools and start blowing away fellow students, we have bitter. Employees walk into their place of employment and blow their boss and co workers away these things, existed, our modern world and people go off, like hydrogen gas in the world today. And that leads me to ask two questions as we close today. The first one is this, what are the forces that produced this kind of bitterness and people member? I said, earlier bitterness doesn't grow in a vacuum. So how did ask will get to be bitter like this? And if you're on the verge of being bitter, how'd you get to be the way you are, whether we're four things? David did that produced bitterness? David did all four of them wrong. Here's what they are number one injustice for two years. David did nothing to deal with his son who had raped his daughter now that was both on just and unfair. And you look around you will find that almost without exception bitterness always begins with someone feeling like something unjust unfair has been done. Something partial has been done that the rules have not been applied. Equally to everybody. That's where it always starts. Number two. There was poor communication, David ever. Call absolute in and ask him how he was feeling about this crime done to his sister. No. Did he ever call absolute men and give absolute chance to share his concerns? Give absolute a chance to ask him. Hey, dad. Why aren't you taking any action here? Did he ever call absolute in and ask absolute just to talk to him a little bit? So he could at least give absolute the feeling that his dad was even interested in what he was thinking. No. This is why God tells us in the bible, if you know that someone has something against you, you go be reconciled of that person, you go talk about it. You go open the pay ways communication because it's very hard, if not impossible for bitterness to happen, when people are talking and listening to one another from the heart. It's almost impossible. But David didn't do this. He stiff armed absolute third. There was real in show because David wasn't communicating with us on absolute David was clueless about how absolute was feeling because he didn't understand I was feeling he was incredibly insensitive. I'm sure there were days, and he was walking down the palace just just happy as a lark, and he comes absolutely other way. And he's like, hi, son. How are you beautiful day? God bless you an absolute walks by now. He's matter. Because his dad understand the fury that he's feeling about his brother. The dad doesn't understand the sense of violation that he's feeling for his sister. The dad doesn't understand the hurt that's going on inside of him, and now he's even madder because the man's completely insensitive fourth and.

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