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Brody's more of an attack, the rim kind of player and Not only data A. Facilitator a triple double machine. A guy that rebounds makes passes makes plays happened develops I. Think the offense. The Guy runs the show the other guy for me I. I don't deny as greatness scoring, but he's just really an isolation bog, isn't he? I mean they're just very contracting Donald on I. Think there is an art to what and guys and I. got it for a lot of people. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to watch, but there there is an art to it and went. WESTBROOK is I. Mean they're just? It's totally if exercise in contrast sure. of them play. Jiefang any of those teams like Toronto or Boston Philly. That they'll have indie have a chance at all against the box. I've been being on Toronto the whole year. Actually I think that they're obviously lose collider over the summer and free agency, and that is a huge loss for them, but the fact CEAC. Them has been able to step into that role. The thing about Toronto is last year. Even when they had letter, they have so much experience playing without him because he wasn't playing a lot of the games, load, management or just minutes, we're down, so those guys all have experience playing without so I think that the team is pretty well equipped, and they're very well coached by Nick Nursing. They have a lot of even even beyond Siachen and lowry Casale and they have. Some of other role players like band bleed Norman Powell. We've got about having great years. That's a team. I was really high on during the season, and I could see any milwaukee run again. Do you think lastly that this will become a political statement season in Orlando where all they do is. Talk About Social injustices and race problems in the country. In all of the issues that have led to all the protests, and frankly somewhat change going on in the world right now as we speak, you think. About that? Or. Do you think it's going to be about basketball? I mean the players have been talking about how they're gonNA. Make sure that that stuff is very prominently featured I. Don't know what form. That's going to take quite yet. in terms of what they're GONNA do on the court. They might have stuff on their jersey. They might you do different things to raise awareness that I think that's going to be a pretty prominent part of this army starting Orlando. A grades tonight. good hanging out with you. Enjoy the Games when they finally get going. I can't wait I hope you're excited to. I'm sure they are pretty shape coming on the bench tonight. Brother great job. Edited to be with you. SEAN HIKE A bleacher report with US tonight on the bench I carver high. I know you got a lot of things. Want to accomplish here a couple of things to talk about. The Andrew Tolls. Thing is very disturbing to me. The former dodger right I thought about it on coast to coast today, but it's very sad. I don't know if you saw this stuff, but right like he's been in and out of like what twenty plus mental. He goes and Then he never stays. He like leaves. He escapes whatever he he doesn't WANNA. Be there. He stays for a few days, and then he bolts, and then he moves on. It just keeps moving. Around and going to different cities, different places, and then they found minus airport. baggage terminal. Sleeping in like a alley and he only had like a backpack on him, and he was just totally disheveled and. Discussing the seventies they've you know. He's bipolar. He's got all kinds of schizophrenia. He's got all kinds of major mental health issues. Without a doubt, it's very scary. Stuff I can't even believe. That story is I as it's unfolded right like. You know it's weird to me. I gotta be honest with you. The.

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