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Hudson square Janet Jackson will receive the rock star award. At the two. Thousand eighteen black girls rock awards Queen Latifah will, host the show it'll be taped Sunday at the New Jersey performing arts center Newark BT networks, will air these September ninth special celebrating the accomplishments of black women other award recipients include Mary j. Blige Naomi Campbell, George Clooney tops Forbes list of highest paid actors, with two hundred thirty nine million dollars in pre-tax earnings his money comes from endorsements older movies and eight to kill a company he co founded in two thousand. Thirteen with two entrepreneurs they're in the process of selling that company. For a billion dollars, Dwayne the rock Johnson is ranked second on Forbes list with one hundred twenty four million dollars in earnings double what. He made last year Robert Downey junior is third with, eighty one million there is, nothing like a. Good nap the university, of Massachusetts says a good, night's sleep and, a little napping strengthen the memory Skills of young children but. An is no substitute for a. Regular bedtime are really important but only when in conjunction with. Overnight sleep so the nap alone isn't enough an, overnight sleep isn't enough you really. Need good quality nap and a good, quality overnight, sleep to really, support emotional processing that's lower Kurds zeal she co authored that UMass study one twenty two. At WCBS CBS ion veterans, presented by theraworx relief a study at a. Veterans affairs medical center in Boston is looking into whether. Some vets could benefit from doing those slow deliberate.

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