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The state speaking of which a maryland judge has ordered the state farm to open an investigation monday into the three lawyers who help former secretary of state hillary clinton delete her private emails and of county circuit judge paul harris junior said that the complaints lodged against david kendall cheryl mills and heather samuel sudden were agree gis and the state bar couldn't dismiss them as frivolous the judge said at a hearing yesterday quote there are allegations of destroying evidence and of course but you know it's fascinating about this story is you know who help tom destroy the of the evidence the fbi from other that after they met with the secretary of state clinton july 5th uh was in june of last year was novels was drive it was right around the fourth of july because he came off days later call me did and said she was extremely careless but said no reasonable prosecutor what would bring charges but the fbi went on and sure mills in all of their laptops they had shared all these emails on the fbi took a hammer to them or or use bleach bed or whatever other software there was due to protect so i don't know if we're going to be able to investigate the evidence where there is no more evidence the judge weeks the announcement a day before me clinton released her latest book what happened which by the way has been already discounted by forty percent from amazon and walmart in an effort that should be the title of benghazi numbers write a sequel benghazi what really happened so the merle barkovlje was brought by thai club injuries lawyer who has pursued sanctions against mrs clinton and her legal team and several venues and also judicial watch is on the on on the case here as well so they're usually were they get their there digs india you better be a better be careful because judicial watch there they're bulldogs ma'am it's 550 ten before the hour six o'clock girl more in just a moment you'll see sean and frank maryland's wakeup call listened to what.

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