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Apparently they do monitor the penalty that draw the side of the app monitors how much you drive, which is not being billed through. All through big Dada that your loyal drive or not. So you'd have to have multiple phones turn one of your fines off believe. So driver has. Message from them saying, you know, fifty percent of the time. You're not what did they do that information though? Like if they're not paying them for that time that they not driving over, who's what business it is to know that. Exactly. Well, maybe they pick and choose which drive it gets the job. I mean, nine win the doing the, you know, the booking linking you up. I know where you're going. They know it's a good fare on auto. Maybe they have an internally, I'll bet they do. They have ratings on what the customers think, but I'll bet they have writings on how profitable the strawberries to the company, all sorts of things. I'm just guessing, but. Mirror episode. I'm sorry. E e this is speculative site to the PR executive. Absolutely. Gonna Email me when not saying what you doing, but please come on the show and talk about what you actually doing open invitation or that is all we have time for in the show this week. Can I massive thank you to software, develop, paid them, Maximus legs, infinite I know, and also a huge. Thank you to ride Johnson, who is the editor of junkie amongst other things. Thanks for coming back on the Shire. Thanks for. If you enjoy the MAC. Sure. You leave a review on whichever podcasting app you found us on. I will catch you next week. My name is Mike Fennell. Thanks listening to another episode of download this shy.

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