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Because i knew i was you know i was a backup i will be playing 20 25 plays a game but i wanted those guys not to have to deal with it so i took on all of uh that the media interviews all that because for me i was thirteen years in there wasn't a question i couldn't answer and i didn't have a problem with anything saw it it was fined for me so actually worked out in our fame do you do you ever uh like sit back and just come marvel at the fact that you had the perfect story but you don't book ending to a career liang very few was john elway it will you i don't even know who else has like stray hand had a great worry hand yeah uh very few guys you get to walk away every payton one and walked away but the and in your hometown right that was the that was the one that is different from everybody else's is that you know all these guys one super bowl and walked away i want to super walked away and he was in my hometown which is right share uh in any case because a lot of times super bowl then come the most guys hometown in what it does it doesn't up emmys all the stars lined up uh for me in that particular situation so it was definitely a storybook in for mark room i was uh you know could have been more thrilled to have won the championship where i started my career how does jerome bettis due in today's nfl uh i don't think i have the same impact in today's in a failed because like i said i need a twenty five carries and already carries now i think in some instances if i play in pittsburgh i was still have same impac because they're still a still run the bar a live down had three hundred twenty one carries this year he got the ball so yeah if i was in a situation like that yes if i was ill on another team probably not because a lot of teams are have gone to pass first uh and.

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