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Faith hill will do what a friend we have in Jesus you make me, feel like a natural woman Ariana GRANDE day the. Lord's prayer Stevie Wonder and Fantasia Berina will sing precious Lord the funeral is going to be broadcast live on several Detroit TV stations. And CNN, and Fox News also airing portions of the service in addition. The complete services will be live streamed via the Associated Press. So funeral services for. A wreath of Franklin as a week long tribute concludes today people take a lot of things. Into consideration when they decide to, move to a new neighborhood but even with all the bad it seems a lot of people, wind up unhappy with where they choose to live a new truly a survey found that thirty six percent of those who, recently relocate Created admit that they would have, moved to a different neighborhood had they had more time than, the current, one that they chose neighborhood regret seems to be highest among city, dwellers with forty six percents saying that they. Would choose a different neighborhood as compared to thirty one percent of rural and thirty. Percent of folks in suburban areas so why are so many, people unhappy, with where. They choose to live well for twenty eight percent of people. According to this particular survey lack of social activity as left them with neighborhood, regret while twenty one percent are unhappy with street. Noise sixteen percent or upset by frequent traffic at another sixteen percent regret the lack of public transportation it's a big decision when you're. Gonna bust, a move there's no question about that a lot of times you can't control that when you're moving long distances you know. But if you're relocating. Let's say you're relocating here in Rhode Island real smart thing to do if you've got time. All right is to check out, the neighborhood not only during the daytime check neighborhood during the nighttime hours to just take a, ride you know park someplace and just listening and you're gonna find out Or not the neighborhoods loud at night if there's a lot of ambient noise or what have you you know we're close. To the airport and yada yada yada so if you've got the time well you kind of do the vetting right but the survey finds that thirty six percent of people would rather live in a different. Neighborhood take your time it's a big decision strong showings from some of tennis's top stars to the US open on Thursday the oppressive heat, that they had to play in tours FOX's Matt Napolitano a strong outing for ranked players in second round action Thursday at the US open eleven see Daria Kasich Keno was ousted what Madison keys Patrick. Evita Yelena Ostapenko KiKi Burton's Caroline Garcia Naomi Osaka Dominica. Civil Cova Angelique Kerber are. Among those advancing to the third round at the major over on the, men's side. Roger Federer Novak Djokovic, caney she Corey Marin David Goffin Nick curiosity, Yego Schwartzman Lucas PR third round bound public arena. Boost Fabio Panini and Chung among these seeded players eliminated Matt Napolitano Fox, News a time of the year when you know Apple's going, to be, announcing their new iphone models coming up pretty soon after Apple, sent, out. Invitations to the press yesterday for a, special event on September the twelfth, that? The Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino California so it's assumed that the company as in previous years. Will announce new. Iphones at that event, as well as some new apple watches and new ipads to apple is expected, to announce three new iphones this year a six point one, inch entry, level iphone nine an updated five point eight inch iphone, x. and a six point. Five inch iphone x.. Plus how much money who knows? We'll find out soon enough the flavors for, fall they're coming back and. It's not quite September yet well it will be tomorrow but McDonald's Australia has created the apple pie. Mcflurry, the creation. Was inspired. By people's. Uber eats orders, according to..

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