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Stace I mean. That was. Chelsea! Blend Don. I. Do want to give a shout out to Latina podcasters network, Rita who made the introduction to have Chelsea on the show. This is a power of community monies. When we support each other, we do awesome things and speaking of community I have some announcements for us, so don't leave me yet. I want us to keep hanging out in the three ways. We can do it the. The Free Stay Shining Club, which is my version of a facebook group outside of facebook power sisters, method, which is only program that Paris you up with your own power sister, because according to the American Society of training and development, they found out that you have a sixty five percent chance of completing a goal. If you tell someone, however, if you have specific accountability appointment with a person, you will increase. Increase, your chances of success to ninety five percent ninety five percent. Money's also I wanNA make it clear that power sisters is more than getting things done. Power Sisters is about existing in a safe space each month. We have a theme. Sue Can continue that journey of alignment to become the best person you can be. We have a tough conversations. We cry. We laugh. We tap together and be sure that empower. Empower sisters you will always be who you are, and we will always welcome you, and treat you with grace and compassion, and I will remind you to continue your journey with that in mind I started power sisters, because as a recovering procrastinator realized that the way the helped me was to build community and have power sister enrollment will begin in July so head over to find my power sister dot com. Com to learn more and third time that we can also hang out is through patriotic. Money's after much thought and consulting, meaning meditation, and really asking for answers, I got invited to revamp my patron page to offer self selecting tapping circles. What does that mean well? A lot of people want to practice if t and they reach out to me and then when I tell them what my one on one session. Session is they don't come back which I understand right now. It's hard so what I wanted to do is how could I give more access to this awesome tool to more people and really truly give them the axes, so it's something that will break their bank because I know that tapping is so powerful and I want more people to learn about it, so this is when to answer came so. So if you head over to Patriot dot, com ford slash kaffa combine podcast..

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