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Eligible. I mean, you want to talk about chain to first of all one of their was against St. Pete's a one AA team. They lost my thirty two. But I don't want to rain on the. Oh boy. Tony kid. Hey, come to work today. So we can do some stuff, by the way. So yeah. How about Justin Wilcox and his golden bears. They shocked number fifteen Washington with the twelve ten slugfest at memorial stadium in Berkeley on Saturday. Don't forget the bears went into this game. Eleven point dogs rate. Defense shutting down Washington linebacker. Evan weavers thirty yard interception return. That was cows. Only. Touchdown. You know, what that was enough? Great times in strawberry. Canyon receiver. Receivers. Lord running back. To throw. Got the pile-on hit the pylon. But they're they're checking. Five yard interception. Wasn't standing play rolling out to the right Garber. Still has the ball. Keep running around going down to thirty seven. It's over over forty bears. Because the entire rock has now gone out on the field. What our effort by California this afternoon against one of the power came college football. Great win for the calbears Washington.

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