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Mouth Friday. On a Thursday here on the Patriot, and here is Dr Richard Klein on the Patriot. I, Dr Klein. Go ahead. Hello, John. I was thinking It's shooting five had earplugs so you can get all the answers without him having to use his brain. So what I would like to see is some young Elektronik genius. Find a little ways is allowed screech into that year instead of the word that he's waiting for. I love watching space and puts his hand to his ear and three During the next debate. I would love to see you. You're assuming you'd know the difference. But or, you know, the Democrats are the ones making, making the riots and all those Republicans. They're just nice people. So if you don't want to hurt his ear to shut it off so he can listen to them, So they have to think I would love to see you. One on one. We're both Components are both of them are taking about the questions that have been here. Never whole slew of people give me the right answer. That's cheated. You shouldn't be cheating in a presidential debate. Want No cheating in a presidential debate. Tale of you and I are old fashioned right thing. Indeed we are thanks very much for the call. Well 809 23 93 85 That's 809 to 3 w, D T K Gary Hazel Park. You're next on the Patriot. Go ahead. Hey, John. Yeah. Looks like the president will have a third nominee on the Supreme Court. There is not one, not two, but three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for the President, United States. He has gone after critical race theory in the federal government in the Pentagon and the State Department, which is basically why he did it. He is going after the 16 19th project, which says that the United States was founded. When the first slave ship came over with a 17 76 commission, which will try to put back patriotic education into the school system operation Legend has continued to sweep up Criminals across United States and the beginning of this month, he will start going into sanctuary cities and taking out illegal aliens by the score. I'm driving as fast as I can. Go on and in doing so. Completely forgot the fact that we're recording this whole thing that fast, silly me anyway. Thanks for the call. It's a great, uh Great call and have yourself a great night. 809 23 93 85 That's 809 to 3. W D T K, I don't want to lose my place Arrow by Haven't assuring Pete from Detroit. Next on the Patriot. Go ahead. John. Great to hear your voice again. Glad you're still able to talk. Live with us again. And still, I certainly am, too. Good point about reparations since her family owned slaves. Would Camelot be eligible borrowing? Good question. She'd know I was afraid. Yeah. That's what I was thinking. But I wasn't going to say it. And, Yeah, you know, I don't know the answer to the question. I really don't. And one final point. What do you think about the BC eye rolling over and throwing Hillary under the bus with a document that she instigated the whole. Russia hopes You know? I don't even want her. I don't really want to talk about Hillary. Because every time I do I get depressed. It hurts me. To see someone who At one point had so much potential. Is going way back now. In the sixties at one point had so much potential, and now Is nothing more than that. And it has been and then on top of that. That indicates that That's what she was along. Anyway. Um It's Because they didn't have some respect for it. And you Or not, I don't know. Ah, she always seemed kind of skeevy to me, but Well, I'm not talking about personality and just There's a she seemed competent, although I would have manipulative, evil kind of away. I'm going to leave it there. Thanks very much for the call. Have yourself a great night. 893 93 85. That's 809 to 3 w. D T K Take our last.

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