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A promoter. I think I think it's gotten. To a point now where when you can tangibly see. How it impacts people. It changes for me It does. I don't even remember the initial question I have no idea what you asked me. This is exactly what we said was going to be the initial question was what book are you reading and we made it to. Helping people out but that's just kind of how this podcast and how we roll as we go on. Tangents. Ironically let me tell you the book I'm reading. Right now. Friday Night Lights. My? Mother. Gave my father. In September of Nineteen Ninety. Friday Night Lights, of course, written by. This injure buzzed. Who I mean he? I. Think I. Read I started doing a little research on the book before I decided to crack it back, open my father. made me read it. And I I use the word may I didn't say asked me to read it. I didn't say suggested I remade me read it. In the fall of ninety one, I think. And I read it and it was a little too involved from a sociopolitical. Racial America perspective for my mind in Nineteen Ninety One In nineteen ninety, one, I was the fall of ninety one I had just turned fifteen. So it was a little bit over my head. And I have never read it since I have watched the movie. Of course I have I am infatuated with the television series with coach Taylor and Tammy and Riggins Jason Street and Matt Saracen and Smash I just started episode one yesterday I've never seen Michelle Do you are you're not going to be able to stop? It's so will done and of course Peterberg. WHO directed the movie? Also, is the director of executive producer of the television series, which I also did not know this until I went and started to research a little bit that buzzed bisson Jer the original author of the original Friday Night Lights book his cousin is Peterberg. Until I started studying so I decided that during this time when my own high school cannot play. When we're in this unique moment of Political fracture and such an unbelievable moment of this push for social justice and equality. You know what I need to go back and read Friday night lights again. I need to go back and read that book as a forty four year old adult WHO's a father? Who's WHO's experienced a lot and been immersed in a lot of different. Cultures now. And so I'm reading Friday Night Lights on Chapter Two at this point. And It's like it's unbelievable to read that book again The the reporting. So for those of you who don't know the background. Buzz. Juror was a Pulitzer Prize winning writer from the Philadelphia Inquirer. and. He took a year off. He was always fascinated by. Texas High School Football. So he took a year often he moved to Odessa Texas. Modus whole family he was married and had two small sons at the time I think suns. At the time two small children at the time. Moved them to Odessa Texas for your and he quite literally. He immersed himself with the with the Permian Panthers the the Permian High School football team that is it's Desa Texas and IT'S A. It's an institution. Of Texas High School football, it's every single. It's religion. It's every single. Story you've ever heard about the religious experience of Texas High School Football? So. The reporting in the book. Is is just Jaw dropping I mean it's it's so will reported. The The way that he. Develops every. Character in the book. And by character I mean individual there it real people. Whether. That's the quarterback Mike Wind chill and how much he struggled with the responsibility of being the quarterback. Of Mojo. Football. Whether it was don Billingsley who was trying to live up to his famous father's footsteps. Charlie Billingsley, who was an all state running back. For Permian Twenty. Years. Prior. Whether. It was Brian Chevrolets and he had such. Much. Larger dreams than stay in and Edessa Texas. So just the development of characters in the reporting that he did in that book. It's something else and if you haven't read the book, I can't. Possibly, recommended highly enough I think it's I. Think when I studied a little bit about the book on the Internet. Before, I started to read it again. I think that the number is more than two million copies sold. And it made me laugh Travis. Laney as a freshman at Radford University had some sort of literary course she took. And one of the books that they had to read during the semester was. Friday night lights and not only did she have to read Friday Night Lights. Buzzed business your came to Radford University in spoke to them. A pretty. Awesome. I. Wish I'd known I would go like. I wish. I would would've said, hey, you have to read this book and knots instead they give me some. Book I don't care about Sir Wayne and the Green Knight. That's what I. Read about Moby Dick. So, anyway, I'm reading Friday Night Lights. Right. Now you are going to love that net many is not a mini series series. What do you call it that show I don't know. It's a show series. There's like what five season or something you're GonNa love it I binged watched some of it. The other night it was on the e channel randomly happened.

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