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Leap leader can look like but basically what it is, it's the types of behaviors that a leader can take to actually help, improve and employ sleep. So it includes what they called path goal clarifying behaviors, which is basically helping employees see what they need to get themselves more sleep. And then emotional support, which I think is a little more self explanatory but showing concern for employees sleep So it's some examples like the path goal side. It'd be like helping educate employees about what good sleep is like like how do you get that sleep? What are some good practices before you go to bed? What can you do disconnect in the evening things like that, and then the support of behaviors are more like asking you did you get a good night's rest hurry sleeping? Can you know how can we support your sleeping things like that? So it's all actually very sleep focused. So it's not like supportive just in general it's supportive of your sleep specifically, which is interesting. That is interesting. So it would be like you know a leader who? Checking in on basically other, you know vital, are you meeting your basic needs and ensuring that you're actually having a conversation about that I remember? I don't even know now probably ten years ago I saw Marshall Goldsmith speak at something and Tom he was saying that as a coach. One of the main things that he does as a practice is he either makes the person that he's coaching ghetto body or he serves as that person's buddy. If they don't have someone, they want to have his buddy and he has them ask like a few questions every day of their buddies. So at the start of every day, they have to ask a few questions and one of the questions was, how did you sleep last night? And so he said the questions were like, what are your goals for today what might be some challenges to facing those goals? How do you plan to overcome those goals and then it was how is.

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