Johnson, President Trump, President Biden discussed on Larry Elder


Use the sour from town hall dot com. I'm Jason Walker, Republican senators and President Biden have been talking. The Senators contend the president's $1.9 trillion aid packages simply filled with pork. The GOP plan runs about one third of what the president is seeking, and virus aid. They also say their counterproposal would include $160 billion for vaccines and testing well. The White House is putting down expectations for a potential boost in vaccine distribution. Should Johnson and Johnson's covert 19 shot be approved by federal regulators. White House Deputy Covert 19 coordinator Bandy Slavitt Says. If Johnson and Johnson's vaccine is approved, it wouldn't necessarily boost supply immediately commitment. The schedule if it were to be approved under e U A Would be about 100,100 million doses by the end of the second quarter. That's the end of June. Also a town hall dot com that major storm slamming the northeastern United States already more than a foot of snow in some areas and hazardous driving conditions. Sidewalks are a mess, and that means hardware stores are getting a lot of customers right now. Mazzone owns four ace hardware stores in New York and says it's mayhem with people buying shovels. I smell and Leads usually so the kids could get out there and play. But one item surprised him. We want two stuck home so they are refilling their sodastream canisters. And I can't believe having those people buy only have some snow shoveling advice else to do it for.

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