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Looking further at birth macarthur's face and now i see the santa go yeah he's a santa zipper but would he would do apparently so they're things that are coming out is that he had a he had a streak and that he like one guy was talking about how he would tie up in these prone positions the asa have back his hands behind his back face down to the carpet and that's how they were there insinuating that's how they found some victims back in the nineteen seventies which is why they think that he may be connected to it they also somehow when they were looking for the density of one of the victims it's interesting just to that point it's like people that are very good at tyne ropes it's like boy scout boy scouts nobilia's gloves bring to have an amount with you what is it is a great with him also he's loves punishment so much that he will do all the hard claws you'll be like a sherpa type he'll take all the all the way out there there's a lot of stuff to cover on this so yeah two thousand one so basically would also turned out that he may be taking a bunch of pictures get a couple of other lovers that said that he was into looking for submissive men and it's a part of what happens in the community is is an order to have a healthy medium community you have to have a lot of trust because part is you have to trust to this person's not gonna fucking choke to death when my hands are tied and again not maligning any kind of king consensual play wonderful stuff have a lot of fun with your life but obviously this man did not agree to the to the contract at what happened was in the way they ended up getting them in the finally they had him under surveillance and they watched a young man go into his apartment and finally they're like we've had enough i this shane and and they went in there and they found the dude completely trust up but he had yet to have done anything to him in and they arrested him hopefully untied the the dude behind i hope they would do that i i'd like to think or they're lie or he was like downtown me up yet.

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