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I gave the event rating eight, three point four out of five. What say you Doctor Try Oh I. was going to go three point three. So we're we're in the same ballpark released my match. The night was a ladder match for the Vacant Annex North American Championship have you. Got We need are disagreeing on some more stuff because I had the same thing I mean that match was it was. The MAG if you match for entertainment value, shock value is up there just because we weren't expecting that. But yet at the end of the day, you know that ladder mattress. Fantastic. All, right. Let's take it over to me summer slam recap interview here before we get into it I guess we should get this out of the way because we talked about it at length on last week. Shell. So now we've seen Thunderdome on Friday on Sunday and on Monday I love it I think it looks fantastic. What did you think of the look and feel of the fun dome Dr Try Off.

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