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To understand is that after your first or second treatment, especially in younger men do again to get a big nitric oxide release. And that's the reason that you're going to get a better erectile function early on after about the second or third week, that's gonna go away. And so a lot of patients after the first treatment or to say, wow, that's great. You know, you really fixed it. You know, I'm so excited. And then after the third or fourth week, they're like, you know, seem seemed to go well, and then all of a sudden things weren't going well, but that's normal. Okay. It's important when you're undergoing this treatment to understand that it's the fifth week that really begins the the good part of the journey because you're growing blood vessels and blood vessels don't grow in the first week or two. Interesting. Yeah. So it's important if you're a patient undergoing either one of these treatment gains wave or February, to set your expectations appropriately and understand that by the fifth week, that's when things start to improve in they improved from the fifth week up until about the twelfth thirteenth week. Okay. When when you're doing this, you're trying to increase bachelor in a field growth factor and nitric oxide. I know you're, you're kind of an expert when it comes to increasing nitric oxide from a nutritional or supplement standpoint as well. Would there be for the sexual bio hackers out there, things that you could consume before or after you do the treatment to either enhance the production of the endothelial growth factor or of nitric oxide or both. Yeah, absolutely. You know, I know you guys have talked about nitric oxide before on your show, but you know it is in one thousand nine hundred two. It was the molecule of the year, and I think it's still really under appreciated. As we age, you know, we'd lose our ability to synthesize endothelial derived. Nitric oxide and responsiveness in nitric oxide doesn't change as we age only the ability to generate it. And so restoring nitric oxide production and supply really is the fountain of youth. You know, I'm fifty one and even if I eat really well and exercise, I'm only getting about eighty percent of nitric oxide. When you're in your forties, thirty seven to forty, you're getting about ninety percent. So you really have to supplement nitric oxide in in a dietary sense in order to get that second messenger that really is critical to increasing. Lead float everywhere in the body. And so I developed a supplement called the firm which is consistent of l. Citra lean red beat, extract Europe, Wilma in Asian ginseng. And what this does is it boosts from natural dietary standard, the amount of nitric oxide available. And so what we found is that it improved the ability to get erection earlier with shockwave therapy with gains wave and gains wave was more effective on a long-term basis. How how's that comparison like Viagra. Okay. So this is really interesting. I call this actually triple therapy. So what affirm does what nitric oxide boosting does is it increases the amount of nitric oxide available in the synapse. So think of like a salt shaker. As you get older, there's less and less salt in the salt shaker. And the important thing to do is to put more salt or more nitric oxide into the salt shaker so that when the nerve gets stimulated, there's more nitric oxide in the synapse..

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