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Multiply Your Business value in three steps and I always start every episode with a little bit of Trivia About Hampshire and today's Trivia is about the company that produces yogurt stony field farms. TMZ You feel farm actually. Is the next town over from me and when you visit they will teach you how yogurt is made from the cow to to the incubator to the cooler and in addition they give away free samples. So that's my trivia about New Hampshire for this episode. Today I'm joined by Michelle Pasco Pasco. Welcome Michelle thank you very much some very on a to B. He you carrying on this list well. This is delightful for me. Where are you hailing from? Because you you don't have a New England accent now. I would love to live there up visiting a few times so I come from. A small town called Camden which is about got an hour out of Sydney Australia. So it's a beautiful pie all birth rural lifestyle and still being an animal side from the main city metropolis metropolis in the airport. Perfect perfect location to have best of both worlds. Sadly is this is terrific to have you here because our audience doesn't know enough. What about you? I'm going to I read a little bit about you. Michelle pesca combines her extensive experience and specialized knowledge with an absolute commitment. It meant to igniting the potential in every individual so they can achieve outstanding results as an international speaker. She's a C. S. P.. She established tablist her business in nineteen ninety four employing seventy people. Michelle specializes in every aspect of service operations and processes looking holistically at the overall impact of the customer experience. So that's who Michelle is today. We're having a seven question interview on the topic of how to lead a multigenerational team and sharing that they turn up for work tomorrow. This it's GonNa be Great. So are you ready for my seven questions in seven minutes on Siddeley. I'm you'd probably have to edit me but I'm I'm ready to Gar- Awesome Michelle. Who who is your ideal client so my clients that I work with the dumbly would have attained next dots from about eight and some of them have six hundred fifty? So it's Rhode Ryan Jr in for these companies with this is team. What problem are you trying to solve? So it's actually connecting and engaging teaching team members to provide a service experience that goes beyond what their customers are expecting. That's nice insisting so obviously there's a problem then you're talking about multigenerational businesses. So my third question is what are the typical symptoms of this that you see owners experiencing or or that they're talking about it's all about that middle management leadership it could be team leaders supervisors. Judy manages is that Great de eh that at times the values may not be aligned with the company's values and actually that they truly believe in the vision so they go about operating sitting in their own leadership style that is not congruent with the values of the organization therefore a giant the team on the journey with them and the issues that we have. Is that a customer does not have the service that is what we're hoping for them to save. So there's a disconnect between between what management thinks the vision and purpose is and what in their own system. Each of these managers is actually following through with the process. That's expected yes. Yes that's true because they haven't been really involved and being accountable for that vision many times they will come into an organization. Carry Carrie where there's you know it's it's espoused in the on the wall in the company handbook and I don't actually know what it means. So they just coming with the previous baggage age of how the lead before and they just do that and then therefore daytime heavy united leadership team and as soon as you have a united leadership team then we we all know that the frontline team will separate them. You know that it will prefer to work with others and not worked for this person. And you're not getting getting the whole team where he get. And that's what's caused this unity and then Nari worry in the business succeeds will. That's just did performance and success fall fall down because you don't have that so fourth question building on. That is one of the most common mistakes that you see owners making when they tried to address. Ask themselves yeah. This they try to they try to get back into the business and trying to do all the things that they need to be doing and now the going back into were will she hates Ya role that so maybe good but others. It's the better at some other skill sets. So there's Chee K distinct people there's one then then turns around and leads from that micromanaging performance. Managing not so much threatening but that you know if you don't do this this is what they are it comes going to be. It's not GonNa be pretty gotTa work together. It's not green people on the journey. It's telling them what they have to do will look out for the consequences. The Nice why because what they're not doing is displaying the values of the company through the actions and behaviors and if they die display. I can tell you Out Carry your pain and customers will then work out what they believe your values are so. That's one the other thing is the later he just doesn't doesn't build trust entertain and have they build trust as you would know in. Many listeners is through delegation. If you delegate yet show we can all do it better. ETA quicker foster whatever it might be as the owners of the latest about businesses but if not delegate not abdicate that actually delegate responsibilities to route from our team members then they then. Why don't you know if you don't trust us to do that and show they're gonNA make mistakes? They will make mistakes. That's how we learn. That's how we gather people's ideas and that's what's critical so let me have Thurs.. Two people. Those two ideas of what that leadership person is trying to do. There is no success. But we're looking for is a team later guys ak I'm actually going to be fungible in a way is I'm actually going to show the actions and behaviors that behind the values and the vision of my business. The business that I worked for and then I will trust my I take will show them how we can do things to get. Not just paying net micro managerial demanding from their point of authority. Therefore what one free valuable action that you can recommend that my audience members can actually implement right now how this is going to help them and increase the value of their business. It's creating commonalities. It's connecting conversations carry. I've done this quite a lot with very large taints. As a quick team exercise you have a staff meeting righ- everybody to groups of three then size them find three things that you have have in common. And what is this going to have to make. They're going to have to Java so when they come into that staffroom brighten up. Actually tell them you'll sit visit so they're not sitting in here with the best friends and when I have to have a conversation about what does three things in common they learn about each other. They'd learned that that person who may be a baby boomer their agenda it stopping interesting. You know I work with companies that have got five generations in no entertains age eighty two. It's phenomenal but when they get together what we finding mice with James Eighties. They don't have the opportunities. Perhaps we did once I am grandparents may need by that through choice. All's through distance so thank you love. Doing is hearing from older generations that wisdom. Why do they? You'd get them up every morning. Truly I'd want to hear that as much as earlier generations learn from the ones that are coming through now. It's it's very important to me. That's one of the key. Things create those commonalities. Then I learned something about each other than at suckling more and they understand way people luke coming from. That's what grows business. That's what grades the Jayme. Michelle my six question. What's one valuable free resource that you can direct people to this going going to help them further solve this problem and we're down to one minute? I can't go to MS show. PESCAR DOT COM. That's in my C.. H. E. A. S. C. A week dot com slash block. All my articles. They're about as this one is. How do you lead an intergenerational taper some further tips for you perfect and the last question is really turned the tables on you? What's one question I should've asked you Michelle and I didn't what would be that question? And what would be the answer that you can share. Please understanding people's journey. How do you as a later? Not a potential in somebody in your chain. WHO's not everybody knows what's inside them? I'm and the greatness that they had a true later the best later is the person sees that ignites that and see that person perfect. Thank you very much Michelle Pesky for joining me here on the three x value growth. podcast thank you for your time loved being. Thank you so much. Carry and look forward to meeting you. One Sunday in New Hampshire perfect. Thanks for checking out the three x value growth. podcast if you.

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